Sump Pump Installation & Repair Services in Toronto

Most people don’t think about sump pumps until they need them. The last thing you would want to bear with it flooding inside your Toronto area home following any rain or snow-related event.

It is critical that you have a sump pump in your home if you are serious about keeping your home in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) safe from water damage. We will proudly assist you with getting a new pump installed in your home.

Sump pump installation

Sump Pump Installation

We can assist you with getting a new sump pump installed in your property and provide rebate assistance to save you $1,750 (City of Toronto & GTA). Our service includes several points for seeing that your pump is prepared right:

  • We will start by finding an appropriate space in your home for your sump pump. The pump must be in a spot where moisture is likely to accumulate.
  • The appropriate pipe adapters and other features for use in your pump must go onto your surface. We will review all pipe systems around your property and get your pump installed based on the pipes that are necessary for the surface.
  • The pipes that are attached to the pump can be installed and arranged to move the moisture that the pump collects away from your property.
  • An appropriate power source and cover will also go alongside your pump system. We can work with both traditional power sources and with a separate battery power source for emergency use.

Benefits of a sump pump

A sump pump is a large pump that goes near your foundation. The pump should be found in the basement or at the lowest level of a property. The pump will take in water that has accumulated inside of it and pump it out into an outside space.

The sump pump in a home utilizes a small hole cut into the floor of your basement or other low space in your property. The hole should be two or three feet deep and about half as wide. The opening will collect the moisture from rain, snow, ice, and other outside threats before it can pool up inside your home. This includes moisture that appears above the foundation.

The pump will move the moisture out from the hole to a drainage system or other space from outside of your home. The key is to ensure that the water does not pool up or cause flooding in your property.

A pump works with a float similar to what you would see out of a toilet. The water that pools up within the pump reservoir will cause the float to rise. The pump will start working when the float rises to an appropriate level.

After the pump starts up, an impeller will start working by producing a centrifugal force that will move water out through a pipe. The impeller works like a fan to run the water out of a spot. The pipe will link up to an outside drainage system or other port that takes in the water that comes through a place.

Also, the pump will link up to an electrical outlet to allow its motor to work. A battery backup feature adds energy to the setup in cases where the main power supply fails to work.

Increase the value of your home

You must have a sump pump in your GTA home if you wish to keep it protected. The sump pump is designed to allow moisture in your home to move out safely. The pump will keep flooding from being a severe threat in your home.

Your sump pump will identify cases where the water table in your home is above its foundation. As the excess water pools up, the pump will collect what comes around and will keep the water from moving any deeper into your home.

Getting all that water out of the water is critical for the soil around your property as well. By removing the excess water, the soil will remain stabilized.

Risks of not having a sump pump

Your home will be at risk of flooding or other water-related damages if you do not have a sump pump. A pump is responsible for ensuring moisture will not add up in your home. Your home’s foundation might be at risk of added cracks due to the excess moisture as well. Getting the problem resolved as soon as possible is critical for the safety of your property.

Sump pump repairs

Sump Pump Repair

We can also help you with repairing a sump pump in your home if you have any concerns over how your existing pump is working:

  • Any power sources that link to your sump pump can be repaired. We can install a new battery onto your pump if needed as well.
  • Debris and other blockages within your installation can be cleared out and fixed if necessary.
  • A float that is not working can be tested and realigned in the event the pump is not operating as soon as you wish it could.
  • The impeller may also be repaired to clear out blockages or to restore its natural function.

Get in touch with us for help with getting your sump pump fixed up or installed right. Your property will be fully protected from flood-related problems when you get a sump pump added into your space. Our team can come to your home and review everything in the space to see what can be done to keep significant flooding issues at bay.

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