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A home plumbing system may appear to be a very simple part of your home, especially for small homeowners. However, this is not the case. Your home plumbing system is perhaps one of the most complex and important parts of your household systems. In fact, without a proper home plumbing system in today’s world – do you even have a home?!

Your home plumbing system comprises of three basic components – your clean water supply, drainage system as well as appliances and fixtures. Clean water enters your home through the main water supply line from the municipal or a well.

The clean water is then supplied to bathroom sinks, toilets, kitchen sinks, and even appliances through pipes. Wastewater leaves through the drainage pipes into the sewers or septic tanks. In all home plumbing systems, the two distinct subsystems that supply clean water and wastewater never overlap.

The fixtures help to bridge the two subsystems so they never interact. In other words, the air that crosses the vent stack and vent pipes seals traps which prevents sewer gases from backing up through the drains to contaminate clean water. Also, in a well thought out design plumbing systems follow the three important laws of nature to ensure they are efficient. The three laws of nature are gravity, pressure and water level maintenance.

With such a complex yet dependable system, it is only wise to always call a professional plumber to check and ensure it is up to date and working properly. Sure, you might be able to detect damage on your own but to a certain degree.

Some damages may be undetected until they are beyond repair, thus, costing you more to replace the damaged components. Calling a professional plumber will save you a buck and leave your system up to date.

And if the above reasons don’t entice you enough, there’s more reason to why a home plumbing system inspection and diagnosis is important. Undetected leaks and damaged pipes mean more water consumption without you knowing. This, in turn, will significantly increase your water bills. A leak in the wrong part of your house will also cause extra damage to your other belongings such as furniture, paint job, and interior design.

Additionally, in instances where we think we may not need such a service, we are always wrong. For example, when you purchase a new and modern home, you may not think plumbing inspection is necessary. However, the small price that you pay your plumber might save you thousands of dollars. Plus, it isn’t a bad idea to understand the plumbing system of your new home and how else can you understand than by calling a plumber.

And even when the tables are turned and you are selling your home – get a plumber to do the inspection. You just don’t want to end up with unhappy buyers.

Along with your home plumbing inspection and diagnosis from your professional plumber, they are myriad more ways you can benefit from their visit. Take the time to talk to your plumber about how you can make your home plumbing system more effective, efficient and less prone to damage.

One of the best technological systems that do this is green technology. Using green plumbing technology in your home will significantly save you a buck as well as preserve the environment. At DrainRooter Plumbing, are proud to be a part of this eco-friendly green plumbing movement.

The two core practices of green technology are minimal water and waste material, as well as the installation of energy-efficient appliances to save money on bills and repairs. When you call in our plumber, they will educate you on how to save water, improve efficiency and proper usage of your plumbing system to prevent unnecessary damages.

Of course, green plumbing will generally work slightly different. Well, the basics of your home plumbing system will remain the same. However, components used within the subsystem will be different. Your plumber will install less water consuming fixtures and accessories as well as less energy-consuming appliances. Most of the materials used will be recycled and without chemicals. More focus will be put on waste reduction as well.

Overall, the few potential changes that are brought by green plumbing are variable based on what you go for. Dual flush or low flow toilets will save your water bill by reducing water output. Energy-efficient appliances will save both water and electric bills.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today and give your home plumbing system the eco-friendly plumbing it needs!

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