Frozen Pipes

During the cold winter months we all forget to drain the water from pipes that will no longer have water flowing through them…or not as often as needed in order for the expansion that occurs when water turns into ice to not crack them. This problem usually occurs in the basement, garage, or outdoors. Having a frozen water pipe is undoubtedly something very frustrating. Nevertheless, it is very important to thaw it correctly. The truth is that this is a task which could requires professional assistance. It is also an issue which may cause serious damage to your home and piping. This is the main reason for which you should consider calling a professional as soon as you see that you have an issue of the kind.

Being a reliable company which truly cares about its clients, we are going to provide you with a few quick tips over the phone on how to handle the situation properly before our arrival to remedy it completely.

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Frozen Pipe Services

The pipes in your home’s basement are very likely to freeze because when the weather becomes colder the pipes experience a significant temperature change that also causes them to shrink in size. The shrinking is to a very small degree, but that is still enough to cost you thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs if the problem is not fixed right away. Garages are usually the least likely to have a frozen pipe but nonetheless it is still possible. This can occur because even when the garage door is fully closed, there might be small cracks that let the heat escape and cause the room temperature to drop and cause pipes to freeze. The outdoors pipes such as the pipes that are used for water hoses are the most likely to get damaged, cause leaks and become cracked if there is water still trapped inside that was not drained before the temperature dropped below 0°C.

All of our plumbers are equipped with the best technology in order to unfreeze all of your pipes in a short period of time and have your water running again.

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In some cases of frozen pipes, the pipes are not only frozen but they are also cracked (burst) in a certain spot which later on will cause leaks if the crack in the pipe is not repaired. When dealing with a burst water pipe, it is necessary to locate the cracks in the pipe and prevent the water from leaking through and damaging the floor, wall or ceiling. Once the cracks have been located and temporarily closed, we will repair the pipe by soldering or replacing a section of the pipe, depending on the damage. Our plumbers are licensed professionals who perform a pipe inspection for any cracks in the pipe from the ice that was created by the trapped water in the pipe in below 0°C temperature and provide you with the best solution.

When the cold weather hits and if any of your pipes still have water in them, they can burst but all of this can be prevented by calling DrainRooter Plumbing and scheduling a maintenance appointment before, during and after winter.

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