Sinks are used to gather water and ensure that it drains from your home, down the drain system, and into the city sewer line. The most commons sinks in a home are kitchen, lavatory, bathroom and laundry sinks. It is safe to say that sinks are used on a daily basis, whether you are washing dishes, clothes or your hands – with such constant use, sinks can experience issues.

Whether you are looking to install a new sink or repair an old one, having a plumber handle the work will ensure that the job was done right! Also, our plumbers can match your room and decor with a sink that will fit your style.

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Sink Services

Installing a new sink requires high attention to detail. Before beginning the installation, its important to check that the dimensions of the sink fit the ones of the countertop, if there are any discrepancies then either the countertop or the sink will have to be modified. If the dimensions fit one another, then the installation can proceed. When installing a new sink, homeowners often try to match the sink with the decor of the space or pick one that fits their needs.

Our plumbers can help select the ideal sink for your space, and ensure that it fits your needs.

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Over time sinks can experience water leaks. The reasons why sink leaks occur:

  • a crack or slit down one of the pipes
  • A loose connection along the connecting pipes (over the years the nuts and bolts tend to loosen and erode- courtesy saline water.
  • When the connecting pipes don’t fit snugly over one another.
  • Pipes are not maintained, and rust corrodes them.

If leaks are not addressed to on time with proper care, they have the potential to cause grave damage, especially if not caught in time. The dampness can cause a buildup of bacteria which thrive in such conditions and eventually leads to mold which is injurious to health. This bacteria infested area also attracts mosquitoes, bees, bed worms, cockroaches and termites. Constant dampness also weakens the structure of the building which takes a lot of money to repair and a lot of patience to deal with too.

If you think you may be experiencing a sink leak, do not worry – look for it. Spotting a leak is relatively straightforward. Tools needed are a simple flashlight, and with a thorough investigation, a leak can be detected. Once a leak is detected by the homeowner or our plumber, we will have the sink fixed and not leaking.

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Replacing a sink can greatly benefit your home. The new generation sinks, are not only more innovative but also provide different styles and colors to fit your needs. Sinks are made of different materials such as granite, stainless steel or fireclay and come with different number of bowls. The sink bowls vary in number, sizes and shapes. Also, sink bowls are now designed to reduce noise so that when you have the water running, the sound from the water hitting the sink will be less noticeable.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your sink or replace an old one, the new sink designs will surely fit your needs.

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The lavatory sink is the sink that is most commonly clogged the most in your home and the reason why is because we tend to use them on a daily basis. Having toothpaste, soap and other substances really impacts whether your sink will clog or not.

One of the main reasons why sinks become clogged is because of hair. When hair is put into the sink it does not always drain and becomes stuck in a certain spot of the pipe where it keeps accumulating more hair and foreign objects until it clogs the pipe and the sink.

No matter the cause of the clogged sink our plumbers can have it fixed in no time and have it working properly again. You would want these plumbers to solve the problem quickly and efficiently in order to save you time and money.

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