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The service life of sewer pipes directly depends on the quality of their installation. However, even the most reliable assembly will not protect the system from regular wear and tear. Meaning, plumbers should conduct regular preventive maintenance and inspections. A timely detected defect and prompt repair of drain pipes in Toronto will help avoid major repair projects, which will save you time and money.

The most common causes of sewer system failure

Sewer system emergencies are far from uncommon. Even with regular drain maintenance, a pipe breakdown can occur at the most inopportune moment under the influence of various circumstances. The most common causes of it’s failure include:

  • natural wear and tear on the system
  • errors in design and unprofessional installation
  • the use of low-quality materials or parts
  • manufacturing defects
  • Ontario Building Code violations
  • lack of preventive cleaning from lime scale and household debris (hair, food waste, oils, fats etc.)
  • drying out of rubber gaskets and damage to the integrity of insulation materials
  • corrosion
  • exposure to extreme temperatures

All of these can lead to clogged pipes, stagnant water, cracks, depressurized joints, and ruptures.

How do I know what’s wrong?

Detecting damage in the drain system on your own is usually not too difficult. All you need to know are a few telltale signs of a worn or broken sewer line. 

Slow drainage

The very first and most obvious sign of a malfunction is an inadequate drain rate in the toilet, sink, shower or bathtub. This can indicate a clog or cracked pipes. 

Unpleasant odors and mold

Sewer fumes and the rapid growth of fungus in your home are a sign that problems exist within your sewage system. Sanitation systems such as drain pipes should be airtight, with the exception of roof vents, and not create high levels of moisture behind walls. Foul odors and mold indicate broken piping or clogged vents, which can also lead to flooding.

Cracks in the foundation, structural damage and sinkholes

The appearance of flaws in the building structure is a symptom of a leaking main drain pipe. If you notice even one of these signs, you should call a professional immediately for drain repair in Toronto.

In addition to the signs for self-diagnosis, we also provide video camera sewer inspection service. It allows us to identify the problem as quickly and accurately as possible to begin fixing it.

Rapid growth of weeds in the yard

Sewage is considered a good source of additional nutrients for plants. So, the sudden discovery of weeds and green patches near your home should alert you and make you think about a leak in the underground pipes.

Rodents and Insects

The appearance of vermin is a reason to check the condition of the plumbing and drain systems. Through holes in the pipes, rodents, cockroaches, and bedbugs most often get into the house. The cause of this problem must be eliminated immediately before insects and rodents harm the health of the occupants and the integrity of the building structure.

Drain Pipe Repair

The best method of drain repair in Toronto depends on the nature of the issue. If the cause of failure was the formation of a clog, resort to the following options:

  • mechanical – manual cleaning of the pipe with a plunger or rooter
  • electromechanical – removal of foreign objects, cement and concrete deposits is carried out by a mobile cleaning device
  • hydro jetting – effective against clogs of any complexity by sending a powerful jet of water into the pipe
  • chemical – dissolving clogs with aggressive chemical compounds (saline, acidic or alkaline)

In the event of cracks or leaks in the pipe or joints, the repair is carried out by replacing the damaged area(s) without disassembling the whole system. Although, the new standard is to use PVC piping when installing sewer and drain systems, not all homes have updated their pipes – it’s a costly project to replace existing systems. Thus, most plumbers and customers prefer to use the following methods to remedy this problem:  

  • installing a new pipe in the damaged area(s)
  • replacing gaskets and connections at pipe joints
  • regular maintenance through our Protection Plans

We carry out repair work of any complexity. Our highly experienced plumbers are ready for any small or large job. Give us a call and we’ll be ready to help!

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