Leak Detection & Repair

Home plumbing systems form an integral part of a smooth operating household. Thus, they must be routinely inspected, diagnosed and maintained. Yet, as with any man-made technology, even the highest quality plumbing systems will experience issues.

Some of the most common problems your plumbing system will experience is clogged drains and leaking pipes. The damage may be minuscule with just annoying drops of leaking water. Or so grand that it affects your whole system plus your water bills.

And keep in mind that the more time it takes to repair your household leaks, the more the damage increases. There is a higher chance of unwanted organic growth such as mold, which is unsafe for your home. Some of the other risks associated with your household plumbing leakage include flooding property damage, complete damage to pipes (this means replacement of pipes) as well as risky electrical shortages.

There are several causes of household water leakage. Some of the common causes include broken seals from appliances such as old dishwashers. The damage may cause leakages and puddles to form around the appliance. Additionally, a loose connection in your appliances may also be another reason for leakages caused by appliances.

Clogged lines or frozen pipes during winter can also lead to cracking or bursting of pipes which leads to massive leakages. Especially for the older home plumbing system, pipes may rust and corrode. This weakens their integrity making them prone to cracks and punctures.

Weakened pipe joints are also most likely to deteriorate or give away. You may hear a banging sound in your pipes when you turn on hot water. This is normally a sign that your pipe joints are weakened. This means that they can crack or burst at any time.

Unregulated and high water pressure in your plumbing system may also be a little too much for your pipes. Outside your home, tree roots may grow into your plumbing or drain system. This leads to clogging or even bursting of your pipes. You can spot this damage when you notice a wet area or sinkhole in your yard nearby the path of your pipes.

Depending on the damage, water pressure in your household may also decrease. Rapid temperature changes will also affect your plumbing system. The extremely high temperature will affect the plumbing. Improper preparations for the colder season (winterizing your system) will also put your plumbing at risk of damage.

However, even with this information, if you are not a trained plumber you may still have difficulty detecting water leakage in your home. There is still that intricate network of pipes that can only be effectively diagnosed by a trained plumber if you want effective results. One might even validly say that water leakage and repair is a skill and art, thus, you must find a professional plumber to save you from the headache.

Some of the common detection techniques used by professional plumbers include the dig and drill technique. Using the technique, a plumber digs or drills into several areas of your yard where the piping passes through into your walls or floor. This is normally a final option to finding the source of leakages.

The introduction of the digital apparatus is also another popular technique. This makes it easier for the plumber to scan and search for leaks. The plumber simply adds a water meter to the external points to assess water pressure which directs leakage detection.

Other professional plumbers use advanced infrared technology for water leakage detection. This is done by using a pipe camera to take photographs and videos within the pipes. The photos and videos are taken from various angles which helps the plumber to detect and gauge the extent of the damage that caused the leakage.

The complexity of even a small household plumbing system makes it trickier during detection and repair. At DrainRooter Plumbing, we collectively work on the necessary skills and extensive experiences to addressing such plumbing issues. We believe that the key to outstanding plumbing is to not only diagnose but to also repair the reported issue.

A thorough diagnosis of the residential plumbing system ensures that our customers are well taken care of and are satisfied. It also prevents unnecessary future leakages. We also go a step further to educate and advise our clients on preventative measures and cost reduction.

And it is not only the skills and experiences that get the job done. The use of our industry’s leading and most advanced technology helps us to efficiently and effectively detect and repair water leakages.

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