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As a distinguished authority in plumbing services within Toronto’s bustling landscape, Drain Rooter Plumbing brings over two decades of expertise. Specializing in Toronto grease trap cleaning, we ensure seamless functioning for commercial kitchens. From hotels to restaurants, our team is committed to excellence. Contact us at (416) 477-4755 for unparalleled Toronto grease trap cleaning.

Importance of Grease Traps Cleaning in Commercial Kitchens

Grease traps are vital for capturing oil, fat, and grease in commercial kitchens, preventing operational disruptions and financial losses. Neglecting cleaning fosters hygiene compromises and attracts vermin like cockroaches, mice, and rats. It also leads to bacterial growth and malodorous conditions.

Grease Trap Operation: A Technical Overview

Grease traps use thermal differentials to separate greasy effluents. As hot, greasy water cools in the trap, fats, grease, and oil congeal and ascend, while cooled water continues through the drainage system, protected by baffles.

Placement and Sizing Considerations

Placement and sizing of grease traps depend on each establishment’s unique demands. Internal traps need more frequent servicing due to their proximity to waste sources, while external traps offer respite but face challenges during Toronto’s harsh winters.

Comprehensive Grease Trap Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance includes pumping and cleaning to remove grease residues, mitigate odors, and prevent system malfunctions. We offer advanced techniques like digital camera inspections and high-pressure water jetting for optimal functionality.

Drain Rooter Plumbing Toronto, ON allows businesses to establish bespoke maintenance schedules, economizing resources, and safeguarding operational continuity.

Drain Rooter Plumbing – 24/7 Local Plumber in Etobicoke , Toronto, Mississauga, and Brampton


Drain Rooter Plumbing – 24/7 Local Plumber in Etobicoke , TorontoMississauga and Brampton

Drain Rooter Plumbing offers reliable plumbing services , drain problem, and waterproofing services and 24/7 Emergency service across Toronto. Trust us for prompt and professional Toronto grease trap cleaning solutions tailored to your needs.

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Grease Trap Services

To ensure proper installation and that all jurisdictional codes are followed, it is wise to have a plumbing expert on the job. Depending on the setting, whether it is a restaurant that produces a lot of food and grease waste or a venue with a smaller capacity, grease traps are installed then pumped when full by a professional plumber.

To efficiently function, a grease trap must be properly sized, fitted and installed into your plumbing system. In the long run, adding grease traps to your plumbing system can be very beneficial however, they are quite expensive to install.

Debris commonly gets trapped in the crossover line that connects the first and second compartments. A clog can also occur elsewhere within the lines and compartment which easily affects their function. A grease trap may also not pump grease out effectively from either compartment thus, making it overflow and dysfunctional.

This is vastly due to delayed pumping of your grease trap. Grease traps are also prone to common smells. There are several common causes to this such as degenerated grease trap opening which allows food remnant gases to penetrate to the outside and delayed pumping and draining of your grease trap. Drain Rooter plumbing expert in Toronto grease trap cleaning.

As simple as common grease trap problems may appear to be, it is still advised that you call a professional plumber – ideally one that is experienced in waste management to repair and maintain your grease traps. Doing it yourself will wield disastrous results.

Grease trap professionals will not only properly diagnose and maintain your system, but they are well versed with your local aerial laws stipulated on waste management. Violations of such laws and regulations will lead to penalties.

Cleaning and pumping out your grease trap at least every 90 days, or 60 for busy kitchens will significantly reduce the risk of damage and problems on your grease traps. Plus, it will also save you from potential penalties.

The number one reason for using a professional plumber is to ensure that your grease trap is properly sized and installed. Improperly installed grease traps will lead to problems with the traps function.

Avoid using enzymes or solvents to clean the grease trap. This is because these chemicals will separate the grease and fats from water, but they will not breakdown the grease. Thus, grease will keep flowing down and proceed to clog your drain.

Some chemicals may also be harmful to your pipes. Line jetting is an effective grease trap cleaning method used by many professionals – and it should be just that, let the professionals do it! A hose with jets is inserted into your plumbing system then water is flashed out at high pressure in a circular motion on the surface to ensure thorough cleaning. Up to 4000 pounds per square inch of fast-moving water is normally discharged.

And remember, whether you choose to clean out the grease trap or sought after services of a professional plumber, you must always call a licensed waste contractor to dispose off the debris. Although your licensed professional plumber and waste management contractor will know this, you must ensure proper preparations are made to clean your grease traps.

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