Water Purification & Filtration

Humans, as well as pets, require clean water to live. Without water, there is simply no life as water is used for various household activities including but not limited to drinking, cleaning, cooking, bathing, and washing. Therefore, having access to pure, clean, soft, and safe water is essential to the survival of human as well as animal life. Polluted water is not only “dirty”; it can actually be “deadly”. Despite that fact that the United Nations considers the provision of clean drinking water as a basic human right, it is estimated that more than 2 million people around the globe die each year by consuming contaminated drinking water and tens of millions of humans and pets become extremely sick from various water-related ailments. The good news is that most of these water-related moralities and ailments can be avoided by taking some simple steps.

To ensure that your family will be receiving highly purified water to drink without any negative impacts to your family and pets, we install the best available water purifying technology in the industry.

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Water Purification Services

Tap water toxicity and contamination is a real concern for many families living in different parts of the world. The presence of toxins such as arsenic and lead in tap water can be a serious health risk both for the humans as well as animals in the long run. One of the simplest ways to ensure your tap water is free from potentially harmful toxins and contaminants is to use an effective Reverse Osmosis (RO) unit.

The contaminated water is pushed through very fine semi-permeable membranes and carbon filters present in the RO Unit. These semi-permeable membranes and carbon filters block all the impurities such as salts, chemicals, and minerals, and allow only very small molecules (such as H2O) to pass through it.  Some of the best RO units can remove up to 99% of the impurities from the contaminated water, ensuring a constant supply of pure, safe and clean drinking water to the family and pets.

Advantages of RO System

  • simple to install and easy to operate
  • low installation and maintenance cost
  • effectively removes all harmful toxins and contaminants present in the water
  • effectively removes excess lead and sodium from the water
  • the treated water tastes and smells better
  • the treated water is safe for human and animal consumption

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Contamination of tap water is limited not only to the presence of toxins such as arsenic and lead or bacteria and viruses, the existence of higher amounts of mineral particles such as calcium, sulfur, limestone, and iron can also make the tap water unsafe for drinking, washing, and other everyday uses. When present in the normal range, these natural minerals make water perfect for drinking and other use, however, if they exceed the normal range, they make the water “hard” and hard water can have various adverse consequences. From scaling and lime-scale buildups in boilers, pipes, sanitary fittings, dishes and home appliances to dry skin and dull hair, hard water can cause a myriad of problems for you, your family, pets, and your home.

The only way to make the hard water usable and safe for drinking is to remove all the excessive ions present in it.  This is where a water softener comes into play. A modern domestic water softener is a compact device that can be easily installed at any suitable place in your home or kitchen and make the hard water soft within no time. It will not only lessen the levels of iron, calcium, magnesium and other ions from the water but it will also help make it clean and pure. Once the tap water passes through various filters installed in a water softener it comes out soft and free from all the contaminants. You can safely use this water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Most of the water softener systems are very easy to install and they are very low on maintenance. Your pet will love this water and so will your whole family.

Advantages of Water Softener

  • reduces the “hardness” of the water
  • reduces scaling, staining, spotting, and lime deposit build-up
  • reduces the minerals that are the root cause of the hardness
  • reduces consumption of soap
  • offers better cleaning
  • creates better lather with shampoo or soap
  • smoother skin, shinier hair

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A water conditioner system is used to soften hard water by exchanging calcium and magnesium ions with sodium or potassium ions while also removing chlorine, making the water taste cleaner and better.

Advantages of Water Conditioner 

  • Softens skin and hair by activating soap/shampoo/detergent so you use up to 55% less
  • Eliminates hard water spots on dishes and prevents scum and scale build up on sinks, tubs, shower tiles etc. resulting in longer life of plumbing fixtures and appliances
  • Better tasting water

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A whole home filtration system is created to remove chemicals and contaminants throughout your household water supply. The filtration system produces clean water that can be used as drinking water or used externally. The system removes  heavy metals, chemicals, chlorine, trihalomethanes and chloramines. The filtration system also self-cleans itself every 10 days automatically and does not weaken the water pressure in your home. In the event that the power goes out, there is no need to worry because the  filtration system is equipped with a backup battery.

Advantages of Whole Home Filtration System

  • No need to purchase chemicals or water softening salt
  • Clean and filtered water running throughout the entire house
  • No filter cartridges needed, meaning lower maintenance costs

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Do you ever see water turn to an orange color when you leave it to sit for some time? If so, then you high levels of “clear water iron” in your water. The high concentration of iron causes reddish-brown stains on laundry, bathtubs, glass, utensils, dishes, dishwashers, washing machines etc. The deposits of iron an also occur in water pipes and water heaters, causing slow water flow and weak water pressure. Also, it affects the flavor and color of food and water.

Advantages of Iron Filter

  • Eliminates iron stains from your appliances, fixtures, sinks and laundry
  • Extends the life span of fixtures, utensils and appliances
  • Removing high levels of iron from the water
  • Eliminates the metallic taste and discoloring in food and water

In Canada, all municipalities add chlorine to the water sanitation process to kill bacteria and make it safe for consumption. This reduces the risks of water-borne illnesses, however many people suffer from chlorine allergies which causes damaged hair, itchy skin, dry skin, dandruff, etc. Chlorine also gives a bad taste and odor to the water.

Advantages of Chlorine Filter

  • Eliminates the chlorine odor and taste from the water
  • High quality filtration performance that is safe for those with allergies to consume and use externally
  • Long lasting activated carbon used in the filter to remove the chlorine

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