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DrainRooter Plumbing offers the best, fastest, and most professional service in Etobicoke, period. We are available as soon as you need us, and can handle any plumbing-related request you might have. You can contact us today to receive a free quote on any job, big or small.

For over 12 years, we have been offering comprehensive plumbing maintenance services to residential, commercial and industrial customers across the Greater Toronto Area. Our plumbers are fully licensed and insured, and are ready to provide their expertise 24/7. DrainRooter Plumbing is proud to offer both top-quality emergency service and transparent up-front pricing that never leaves you feeling cheated.

You can rely on us for any and all plumbing and drain-related needs. Whether you need a bathroom installation, a drain cleaning, or have a broken water heater that needs fixing, DrainRooter is the hassle-free solution to your plumbing and drain problems.



Etobicoke, a District Threatened by Water

Unlike other districts in the Greater Toronto Area, Etobicoke is surrounded by several bodies of water. To its south, it neighbours Lake Ontario, and to the east, it faces the Humber River. On its west it is bordered by the river bearing its namesake, Etobicoke Creek. Wherever you turn, unpredictable waters threaten to disrupt the daily lives of Etobians.

The unique geography of Etobicoke means local buildings face an increased need for experienced plumbing, drainage, and waterproofing services. And DrainRooter Plumbing is the most trusted company in the area.


Etobicoke Plumbers, Available at Any Time

A plumbing emergency doesn’t wait for a convenient time to happen. It doesn’t make much sense to call a plumber in Richmond Hill to deal with a problem that needs solving now. At DrainRooter Plumbing, we are proud to offer local solutions to your plumbing needs, with emergency service available in Etobicoke at any time of the day.

All of our Master Plumbers have at least ten years of working experience. We’re experts in plumbing repairs, drainage and waterproofing jobs that help keep your home clean and safe. Our plumbers are also capable of installing backwater valves to protect you from damage during heavy rains. We even offer camera inspections to help assess your plumbing problems, and hydro-jetting for tough-to-clean drains.

Your Etobicoke plumbing is in better hands with an Etobicoke plumber. And from Brampton to East York, our localized services cover the Greater Toronto Area better than any other plumbing company on the market.


The Etobicoke Plumbing Experts with a Difference

What sets DrainRooter Plumbing apart from the rest of Toronto’s plumbers, you might ask? It’s not exactly a short list:

  • Our estimates are free, and provide exact-to-the-penny pricing with no overtime or extra hidden charges.
  • Our plumbers do not work on commission, so they aren’t incentivized to upsell you when you’re at your most vulnerable.
  • We offer a one-year warranty on labour work, and a lifetime warranty on drain and waterproofing work.
  • We’ve got senior discounts, and the fastest and friendliest plumbers in the Greater Toronto Area.

Beyond offering the amazing expertise of licensed master plumbers, DrainRooter Plumbing offers an extended range of services to tackle any type of plumbing repairs Etobicoke can throw at us. Neither the size of the job, nor the time of the day can stop us from solving your plumbing problems.



Avoid Nasty Unplanned Plumbing Costs

We have a wide range of Master Plumbers who are skilled and experienced at evaluating and finding the root cause of any kind of plumbing problem. That level of expertise means there are no miscalculations in the total cost of your basement waterproofing; and no last-minute charges for that basement underpinning either. And certainly no unanticipated changes to the bill for our inspection and maintenance services.

Whether you need DrainRooter Plumbing to install a new bath, fix a clogged toilet, or set up a new water heater, our guaranteed upfront price rate gives you the freedom to budget accurately, and even save money. That’s the kind of helpful service that has made us the most trusted plumbing company servicing Etobicoke, and the rest of Toronto, for over a decade.



Don’t Wait for Plumbing and Drain Problems to Fix Themselves

Failing to fix common plumbing problems, like a leaky pipe or a clogged drain, can have consequences far more disastrous that you might have imagined. Not only could it lead to indoor flooding, which could cause long-term damage to your house or building, it can also destroy electronic devices, family heirlooms, and other non-waterproof items. That dripping sink is suddenly looking a lot more threatening, isn’t it?

But adverse plumbing effects aren’t just limited to physical damage, it can also be detrimental to your health. When leaking water gets into your floors and walls, it will cause mould to grow there. That mould will release spores which, when inhaled, can be extremely hazardous to you and your loved ones.

Having a good plumber can save you from both immediate and future problems, but you’ve got to act. For fast, reliable, and guaranteed services that will leave you smiling rather than worried, choose DrainRooter Plumbing.


Etobicoke Plumbers You Can Trust

In a nutshell, we’re a plumbing company you can trust 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call on DrainRooter Plumbing to have a highly experienced plumber tackle any plumbing issue in a timely and efficient manner, all with the added benefit of upfront pricing and great service.

Living in Etobicoke and finding yourself in need of some plumbing services? Look no further than DrainRooter Plumbing. Servicing everywhere from North York to the lakefront, we’re proud to call Toronto home. Contact us today!

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“I called DrainRooter Plumbing for a leak in our ceiling. I spoke to Andrew, who was very prompt in getting us in touch with Steven. Overall service was great. Quick estimate, quick and quality work. Will use again.”

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"Thank you so much to the plumber Kevin, and thank you DrainRooter Plumbing for ensuring the best quality service and for having the best plumbers and prices. 100% recommend DrainRooter Plumbing!"

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