Backwater Valve (REBATE)

The plumbing system installed in your home comprises several components that’s gives it its functional and effective quality. To ensure your home plumbing system is working in excellent order, all these components must also be working and in good condition.

Property owners always forget that there is an intricate network of co-functioning components that gives a drain system a smooth-running operation. One of these important components is a backwater valve. A backwater valve installed in your home plumbing systems is perhaps one of the most dependable components.

However small and insignificant it may sound, the backwater valve is what keeps our plumbing system safe and hygienic. A backwater valve is designed to prevent the backflow of wastewater through drain pipes from re-entering into your home through the toilets, showers, tubs or sinks. The valve is normally installed in the sewer line to effectively function.

A backwater valve is especially handy during extreme weather such as heavy rainfall. This can lead to city sewers lines to become overwhelmed thus causing a backflow of wastewater into homes. However, with the presence of a backwater valve in your sewer line, your home plumbing system will not fall victim to this.

Backwater valves are also easy, quick and affordable to install, whether, you are installing during the initial construction of your home, renovating, improving or retrofitting. However much the importance of having a backwater valve is stressed, it is only fair to understand how it actually works. Your backwater valve is housed in a clear case known as a backwater valve access box.

This also makes it easier for inspection to ensure the valve is working properly. Inside the backwater valve is a small flap that opens up to let wastewater out into the sewers but never opens to allow water back into the sewer line of our home. The flap also allows sewer gases to effectively leave the home sewer line. On each side of the flap, are small floatation devices that lift and lose the flap when there is a risk of backflow.

This prevents anything from flowing back into your home. When there is no pressure of water backflow, the floatation devices relax to open the flap. This allows the normal flow of wastewater from your home sewer line. Always ensure that the installation of your home backwater valve is done by a professional plumber.

You want to do this to prevent any potential problems such as sewage leaks into your floor drains, sinks, toilets, and showers. Additionally, our plumbers will have more knowledge on the municipal’s requirements, laws and regulations on plumbing as well as permits required for the installation.

This removes that headache and potential penalties that you may incur if you are not aware of the regulations. As with any home system, you might experience some trouble with your backwater valve. A peep through the access box top might be able to show you the problem. However, if the case seems serious, it is wise to call a plumber.

Most commonly residues from the wastewater may get stuck or the valve may be punctured by sharp items. Thus, regular maintenance on your backwater valve is of the essence to capture such issues quickly and prevent periodical damages. Furthermore, during extreme weather such as heavy rainstorms, this is when your backwater valves functional at the maximum.

This means that water coming from your home will not be let out, because the flap on the backwater valve would’ve been closed. Your plumbing system will save some emergency space within to house wastewater but not in the masses. Thus, during such times, you should refrain from running large volumes of water – you don’t want your home to flood!

Backwater Valve Rebate Assistance

A few years back, many homes in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area had their home plumbing systems significantly damaged with homes wreaking of unpleasant smells and damp floors due to severe rainstorms. Wastewater from the main city sewers had back up into sewer drains and man homes, thus, causing the damage.

The water backup accounted for significant damages in many homes and lots of asset losses. With further scrutiny on the incident, many homeowners realized that the damage could have been prevented if homes were installed with backwater valves. With this fact, the city of Toronto introduced a $1200 rebate on backwater valve installations for all its residents and businesses.

For homes without a backwater valve, this rebate offers a great head start to an effective plumbing system. The $1,200 rebate amount offers substantial support to the foundation of a fully functional home plumbing system. As part of our backwater valve installation service, we will guide you through applying for the city of Toronto backwater valve rebate.

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