Catch Basin & Trench Drain

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is known to have a continental climate. Some days, it’s warm and humid while on some days, it’s snowing or raining. During excessive rainfalls, the ground becomes over saturated with water. This is where a catch basin and trench drain come into play. Water is collected in street gutters and directed to the nearest underground drainage systems and waterways. 

Catch basins and trench drains are used to prevent flooding as well as collect trash left on the streets. Catch basins and trench drains are integral parts of the Greater Toronto Area’s storm drain maintenance system. In order to make sure that water does not pool on your property, catch basins and trench drains must be kept well-maintained and working properly. 

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Catch Basin & Trench Drain Services

A catch basin is vital in keeping the streets and even homes from flooding. It has a grate on top and a pipe that drains the water away from the basin. They are usually installed lower than street level, so the water naturally flows down its path. This prevents water from pooling around your property.

It is an infrastructure that is designed to drain excess water from the streets, car parks, footpaths, sidewalks, and even roofs. Residential drains vary in sizes and designs, but their primary purpose is to prevent water from pooling around your property.

Catch basins support drainage systems

Only liquids are allowed to pass through a catch basin so that large debris and sediments do not directly proceed to the drainage system. Instead, they are caught and retained in the basin. Because of this, the drainage system does not overload and clog, increasing its longevity and effectiveness.

Without a catch basin, leaves, trash, and rocks can go directly to the sewers. And when it gets blocked, water cannot flow smoothly and will eventually need to go back up or find somewhere else to go. Thus, it is best to have a catch basin to prevent any serious problems.

Catch basins serve as an effective landscape aid

Frequently soggy soil can harm plants and trees. Stagnant water is also attractive to bugs and can act as a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. When left for too long, it can emit a foul odor as well.` Having a catch basin effectively prevents these from happening

Much like a catch basin, a trench drain is also necessary to remove water runoff from paved areas and impervious surfaces. It is also sometimes called channel drain, linear drain, slot drain, or strip drain. It has a channel-shaped body with a solid cover and characterized by its narrow width and long length. 

Trench drains prevent water pooling in areas

Because of its distinct length and width, a trench drain can be installed in walkways, parking lots, and footpaths. It can quickly and efficiently drain water, preventing puddles in areas where people often pass through.

Trench or slot drains are aesthetically appealing

Slot drains often do not require a large opening, so they can easily blend in the ground. Also, this kind of drain does not need a large space. Therefore, they are often the choice for people who have a smaller lot area.

Knowing the many benefits of catch basins and trench drains, it is equally important that they are correctly installed and regularly maintained. The more often they are cleaned, the more effective they are in serving their purpose.

The best and most practical way to keep your catch basins and trench drains well-maintained is to hire the services of licensed and insured plumbers like DrainRooter Plumbing. Aside from cleaning, they can also perform a thorough inspection of your system. If they find anything that needs to be fixed, they can also do catch basin and trench drain services right then and there. 

In doing so, you save yourself the hassle of doing the dirty job. You are also sure that the job is done right all the time.

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