Plumbing Rough-In

When you are doing home renovation projects you are required to have a licensed plumber come in and analysis if the vision for the new space in a home or business is possible to do without causing plumbing or drain issues in the near future.

It is essential to have your home inspected by a professional because a flooded basement, backup and home damages is not something that anyone wants to deal with especially after completing a renovation project.

Water damages can cause many serious problems in a home such as foundation damage, electrical damages, damages your valuables and belongings. These issues cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair and replace but it can easily be avoided by having the right professionals come in and offer their input and expertise towards the new renovations that you’d like to take place in your home.

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Plumbing Rough-In Services

Your home’s entire plumbing system is largely dependent on the water pipe system. Ensuring that the pipes fit perfectly through the wooden frames so that they don’t rattle or move too much is an art form of itself that takes years to perfect. Loosely installed pipes can cause annoying rattling every time water passes through the pipes and the connections between the pipes will become damaged or loosened over time.

The other important aspect of performing a water pipe rough-in is to use the correct pipe size and water valves that will provide the faucets and toilets with proper water pressure. There is a fine balance between low and high water pressure. Low water pressure is too weak and slow to use daily – its outright frustrating, especially when trying to wash items or fill up any container. High water pressure may appear as the better option here but unfortunately it causes too much water to flow too fast which is just wasteful, not eco-friendly and will cost you a fortune. We test and inspect the water pressure at every point to ensure that it is up to standards, so that it’ll make you and your wallet happy.

When it comes to keeping your home odor and backup free, nothing is more important then installing the drain pipes according to the plumbing code during the rough-in stage! Drain pipes need to have the correct size, angle and connection in order to have waste flow out of your sink, bathtub, shower, laundry or toilet and to the city sewer system. Poorly installed drain pipes can cause waste to get stuck inside the drain pipe which leads to a disgusting odor that will linger in your home for weeks even after the drain piping has been fixed. Another issue that occurs with poor drain pipe rough-ins is the home becomes prone to more clogging which leads to drain waste backup. These are not only unpleasant to deal with but they also expose your family and pets to harmful bacteria that can cause severe illness.

Protect your family and pets from bacteria and nauseating odors by giving us a call!

A commonly forgotten necessary installation when it comes to rough-ins is the plumbing vents. Although they may seem like an insignificant part of the plumbing system to most homeowners, plumbers know the truth – they are extremely important! Plumbing vents allow for airflow to travel from your house to outside and vice versa. This provides steam and hot air a way to leave your home and not linger. When steam does not have a way to escape your home then over a short period of time it will cause the wall paint to expand and get discolored. Mold will also begin to form on the floor, walls and furniture. Lastly, it will slow down the draining process in your home.

Homes need air just as much as we do! Call the professionals to let your home breath and avoid expensive repairs.

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