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Clogged drains cause headaches for homeowners across Etobicoke every day. Despite this, drain cleaning is still one of the most overlooked parts of home maintenance. When drains become clogged or broken, you need to rely on the service of expert plumbers to ensure you don’t further damage the pipes inside the walls of your home.

DrainRooter Plumbing is the best and most trusted drain cleaning and repair service provider in Etobicoke, and across the Greater Toronto Area. Thanks to years of experience and top-quality service, the residents of Etobicoke know they can rely on DrainRooter Plumbing and our drain cleaning services to solve any plumbing issue.

Don’t wait for a clogged drain to ruin your day. Phone or email DrainRooter Plumbing today to find out why we’re the best-reviewed company for drain cleaning in Etobicoke. Using our drain services today can help prevent headaches for you in the future.



There’s No Time! My Drain is Clogged Right Now!

Don’t worry! DrainRooter plumbing’s emergency service has master plumbers in Etobicoke, available around the clock, seven days a week. Phone us now to have a licensed and insured drain-cleaning expert at your house within the hour. We can get you out of this jam.



My Drain Isn’t Clogged; Should I Have My Drain Cleaned Anyways?

Drain maintenance is as important as any other element of the upkeep that you perform to keep your home clean. Here are a few reasons to consider DrainRooter Plumbing’s drain cleaning services for your Etobicoke home:


  • Reduce Future Blockages

Your sink and bath drains are the most likely parts of your home sewage network to be the cause of a pipe blockage. Hair and food waste accumulates every day in drain pipes, and small, unnoticeable clogs can quickly turn into messy and expensive blockages before you notice them. 

All it takes to limit this from happening is a yearly drain inspection and cleaning. Taking proactive measures to reduce the accumulation of hair and food in your pipes is the best way to avoid a problem later.


  • Eliminate Unwanted Odours

It starts as an unpleasant smell you might notice when brushing your teeth, or doing the dishes. Soon, you find yourself unable to avoid the odour of sewage in your home. Uncleaned drains can introduce unwanted smells that are impossible to remove without proper drain cleaning.


  • Make Your Home Safer

Sewage pipes provide an essential service by carrying a bunch of unwanted stuff out of our homes. Blockages bring it all back. Avoid the spread of diseases and harmful bacteria by ensuring your sewage system is clean and functioning correctly.


  • Limit Future Expenses

If you are not already having your pipes and drains cleaned regularly by a plumbing company, you might see it as an additional expense. Consider, however, just how expensive it is to have a pipe break in your walls, or sewage backing up in your basement. 

Pipe cleaning and repair costs significantly less than dealing with a disaster once it’s too late.


Can’t I Just Use Drano?

Blockages in kitchen sinks are usually due to food or oils that have found their way into the drain. They happen more often in homes with garbage disposal units, which increases the risk of clogged drains.

Drano is a useful tool, but like all tools, it needs to be used correctly. Ensure that you have PVC piping for the most effective use of a cleaner like Drano, but absolutely avoid using it if your sink is blocked completely. Drano inserted into a clogged pipe will burn the seals and cause expensive water damage. Don’t wait until that point to repair plumbing.

Like most things in life, plumbing is best left in the hands of a professional. At DrainRooter Plumbing, our master plumbers are friendly and efficient, and will provide you with a free quote on all services before they get started. You can easily schedule a consultation in Etobicoke today!



Pipe Problems

The drains in your home, as well as the main sewer line, are susceptible to backing up at any time, for a number of reasons. At best, partially blocked pipes will make water drain slowly from your sinks and tubs, or cause an unpleasant odour. At worst, backed-up main lines can cause sewage overflows which creates incredibly costly damage to your home.

In older buildings, drain pipes frequently become corroded, misaligned, or simply break due to age, causing problematic and recurring blockages. A common issue in Etobicoke is the presence of trees that have been planted too close to sewer or drain pipes by homeowners. Over the years, the roots of those trees will grow to infiltrate clay pipe joints, causing obstructions known as root ingress, or root intrusion. Root ingress is one of the leading causes of sewer pipe blockages, and often necessitates considerable plumbing repairs.

You can save yourself the stress and potential health issues involved with drain clogging by having an expert plumbing company like DrainRooter Plumbing handle your drain cleaning and drain repairs.


Let Us Handle The Dirty Work

Drain cleaning isn’t easy, but we make it a piece of cake for you. Our extensive drain cleaning service includes:

  • Camera Inspections
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Clogged Drain Repairs
  • Grease Trap Cleaning
  • Floor Drain Repairs
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Trenchless Drain Line Repair


The Best Plumbing Services in Etobicoke

There’s a reason DrainRooter Plumbing stands apart from other plumbing services in Etobicoke. Every member of our plumbing team is educated, certified and insured, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got the best people on the job. Our work in Etobicoke and around the Greater Toronto Area speaks for itself. 

We never leave a customer unhappy. Here’s why:

  • No overtime or extra charges. No matter what the problem is, we won’t ask you to pay for overtime or hidden charges once the work is done. You won’t find another plumbing company in Etobicoke who can promise that. No matter the job, big or small, what you are quoted at the start of the job is what you pay once the work is done.
  • Licensed and Insured Plumbers. We have a wide variety of master plumbers that are all experts in their fields, and they are ready to help you with the specific problem you’re looking to address. The members of our team are all licensed and insured, so you can trust them to get the job done right.
  • One-Year Warranty on All Labour Work. The work that we do doesn’t need to be redone. Should you have any issues within a year, we provide a claimable one-year warranty that saves you from having to worry about it.
  • Same-Day Service. If your drain is clogged or overflowing, you haven’t got several days to wait for a plumber. We offer same-day service to every customer, and you can call at any time, day or night.
  • Flat-Rate Pricing. DrainRooter Plumbing is proud to offer a flat-rate pricing model on all work we do. This way, every customer of ours knows exactly what a job will cost before it’s done, and that price won’t change.


Get Those Drains Cleaned Today!

You can’t predict when a pipe might clog or burst, but you can do something to prevent it from happening in the first place. Schedule regular maintenance for the drains in your home to prevent having to deal with future disasters.

At DrainRooter Plumbing, our plumbers in Etobicoke and all over the Greater Toronto Area offer the best drain cleaning and drain repair services around. Call us today to schedule an inspection and let us put your mind at ease.

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