Common Winter Plumbing Problems

As winter approaches, the temperatures drop whilst snow and ice pile up around your home. This change in weather does not come short of potential damage to your home plumbing system. This can be quite frustrating and inconvenient for you, thus, before you notice the first signs it is always an excellent idea to have a professional plumber inspect your plumbing system to ensure it works perfectly. Some of the most common winter plumbing problems include:

Pipes Freezing

As it gets cold, pipes are always at risk of freezing and cracking. This is normally caused by improper winterizing as well as practices that put the pipes at risk. This includes improper heat circulation of your household especially areas such as the basement, leaving water hoses on outdoor irrigation systems and allowing water to settle within pipes for long periods.

Call a plumber to address the issue of frozen pipes as soon as you notice the first signs to prevent further damage. A professional plumber will also help to advise on how to prepare your pipes for the winter.  For example, dormant or standing water freezes to block your pipes due to the pressure created by the ice pile up.  Thus, getting a plumber to install shut-off valves will improve the overall functioning of your plumbing system.

Dysfunctional Water Heating System

If your water heater system doesn’t function to its full potential, this will definitely put your home plumbing system at risk. During winter, your water heating system works harder because of the strain of the dropping temperatures. Thus, running at its full potential throughout the season puts a strain on the heating system.

To avoid such problems during the winter, get a professional to service and ensure your water heater effective works. Plus, a proper test on the system by a professional will allow you to know if the heating system has the potential to serve your household or if you need a large capacity water heater.

Insufficient Heating

Similar to the issues above, your home heating system is virtually inactive all spring and summer long. Thus, a sudden and abrupt use at its maximum potential during the winter season may result in sudden breakdown or insufficient supply of heat. To avoid this, check your furnace to ensure it works properly and if you get any doubts, get a professional to assist.

Clogged Drain

As much as this is a year-round problem, clogged drains prove to be an even bigger headache over the winter season. Clogged drains are normally caused by dumping large or greasy food chunks which in turn clogs the drain. This is common over the winter compared to other seasons because of the festivities around this time.

During winter, you have Thanksgiving, Christmas just to mention a few, meaning that you will be spending a lot of time in your kitchen preparing grand meals which are difficult to clean after. Invest in a good drain cover and train yourself for better dishwashing and cleaning practices to avoid this problem.

Along with the above listed common winter plumbing problems, the list doesn’t end there. If not paid attention to, your home plumbing system still faces a myriad of risks. However, the signs are always there, thus, with the first sighting of a potential problem to your plumbing system – you should act immediately. However, to mitigate these worries, its good practice to call in a professional plumber to check and prepare your system for the winter season.

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