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The basement id the most neglected part of the house because we use it for the storage of extra luggage and home appliances. We keep those items in the basement which are rarely in use or even we do not use at all. So, we don’t care about the maintenance and repair work of the basement. That is why the walls and ceiling of the basement get damage and start leaking from different locations. The main reason for the corrode walls and ceiling of the basement is the wet environment. There is always lack of ventilation in the basements which causes continuous humidity. Moreover, the entry of water in the basement damages the basement because of the absence of drainage system. This article includes the probable causes of wet basement environment and remedial measure to stop entry of water.

Causes of a wet basement

The presence of water in the basement area is dangerous for the whole building. The reason for the presence of the water vary with the location and leaking source; however, here are few common causes of the wet basement area:

Cracks in the foundation and walls of the building

The cracks in the walls of the building are the common cause for the water entering the basement area. The rainwater comes through the walls and accumulates in the basement. Moreover, the water produces by the washing of floor can enter the basement through the cracks in the corners and walls of the ground floor rooms.

The presence of the water in the surrounding of the building

The presence of water in the surrounding of the building is more dangerous. This may be due to leakage of water supply or sewage line near the building. The water seeps through the walls of the basement even without any crack in the wall. This leakage is the most dangerous for the basement and the building as well because the identification of the seeping point is very difficult.

Faulty drain pipes

The faulty sewage and drain pipe cause wetting of the basement. Even if the drainage pipes of upper stories are leaking, the water will drain down through the walls to accumulate in the basement. The continuous leakage of drain pipe can fill the basement if you do not take timely action to stop the leakage.

Faulty plumbing

The faulty and leaking plumbing also causes wetting of the basement area. Particularly, the underground plumbing is difficult to detect the leakage points. The water leaks through walls of the building and reaches the basement.

Alkali Flat moist land

The alkali flat land holds the water to keep the area moist and damp. Usually, such land is unsuitable for the construction of buildings. However, if necessary, the special material is required to construct the buildings at alkali flat land. The alkali flat land corrodes the walls and foundation of the building. The damp surrounding badly affects the basement and keeps it wet. The alkali flat also develops cracks in the foundation and walls of the building.

Also, the water and dampness of the basement are dangerous for the foundation, walls and the basement itself. You can stop the water entering the basement by eliminating the above-mentioned causes. You need a professional plumbing company to execute these complex jobs. To prevent the further damage, waterproofing should be your top priority.

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