Toronto Basement Waterproofing

The basement is not the most popular place in the house. Often, we use it as a warehouse for broken appliances, boxes with old things and unnecessary equipment in the daily routine. Therefore, we do not think about improvement of these square meters in the first place.

The walls and ceiling of basements and cellars are vulnerable to rain and ground water. Excess moisture can cause damage to the foundation, peeling plaster and putty, and damaging the drywalls. In addition, mold appears on the walls, which negatively impacts the health of your family and pets.

Avoid these problems by timely performing basement waterproofing in Toronto. The use of modern moisture protection technology allows us to save on repair costs and prevent the appearance of fungus.

Causes of basement flooding

In 95% of cases, increased moisture in the basement is due to the following causes:

  • poor drainage system directing water away from the building;
  • proximity of groundwater;
  • plumbing and heating line failures (not just you own, but your neighbors as well);
  • cracks in the foundation walls.

Almost every season of the year presents a danger to your home. In the spring, melting snow leads to groundwater flooding. In the fall and summer months, heavy downpours are to be feared. The building becomes even more vulnerable to weather due to cracks in the foundation walls. In such a situation, it is more difficult to detect the cause of water leaks, and the amount of water will significantly increase after rainfall or snow melting.

We should mention, that when it comes to the issue of faulty plumbing or HVAC system failures – such leaks can not always be detected in the early stages. They can leak for months, and you cannot notice the problem immediately. In such cases, you should pay attention not only to the accumulation of moisture in the basement, but also the smell of mould and mustiness.

Toronto basement waterproofing services will keep your basement protected from water leaks, flooding, and moisture for years to come!

Waterproofing methods and their characteristics

The purpose of waterproofing is to protect the area (in this case the basement) from water seepage, both from the outside and from the inside. The initial phase of waterproofing a building is carried out during the construction of the building. The walls are pasted with roll materials or plastered with waterproofing mixtures from the outside. Also, drainage systems are installed. Over time, the walls will crack for various reasons and internal waterproofing will also be needed, which is carried out in two ways:

  • Horizontal – done so that the floor of the room does not leak water from the ground.
  • Vertical – is done when the ground water level in the area and the basement floor level or higher.

Usually, basement waterproofing in Toronto combines these two techniques. Only when combined, they provide excellent results. However, it is necessary to distinguish them since each of them is aimed at certain areas of the premises and has its own characteristics of working with materials.

There are three types of waterproofing:

  • Anti-pressure – used when the head of groundwater up to 10 meters and the absence of a drainage system and external insulation. Membranes and rubber seals are used, which under pressure are pressed against the walls of the basement and prevent the penetration of moisture.
  • Non-pressurized – optimal option for seasonal flooding, usually performed with the help of bitumen mastic.
  • Capillary – elimination of cracks, which reduces moisture in the room. Penetrating materials are used to seal the cracks.

Performing basement waterproofing is a complex task that should be handled by professionals or you could end up having extensive water damage. Our waterproofing team will help determine what type of waterproofing your building needs to keep it protected from any water damage.

Working with us will give you a peace of mind for many years to come and save you money on costly repairs.


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