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If you’re dealing with a wet basement, you know what a nightmare it can be and there’s no two ways about it, you want and need a permanent solution NOW! Not only does a wet basement put you at risk of losing valuables to water damage, but it can lead to structural damage, as well as health issues for you and your family.

I had a positive experience with drainrooter plumbing a week ago when they came in to waterproof the exterior of my house. My home got flooded after the intense rain that we had recently. They gave me a quote on the spot and Nick told me how long the project would take and what was the processing of repairing the foundation walls. I agreed to their service because of the affordable price and I have heard good reviews about them from friends. They did not disappoint! Their waterproofing team came in the next day and started digging. Then 4hrs later they began repairing the cracks in the walls and shielding them. Everything was complete In 7hrs. Fantastic service, friendly plumbers and great work. Thank you!!

John KaperskiMississauga

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Wet Basement Solutions

Company to fix Wet Basement in GTAHaving a wet basement is a very problematic issue to have during any time of the year. Having water in the basement can cause a lot of damage to the furniture, walls and valuables.

Wet basements can occur because of various reasons such as a damaged drain pipe, cracks in the foundation walls and collapsed weeping tiles. These issues are very serious and can cost you thousands of dollars in damages if they are not fixed right away when the homeowner or business owner becomes aware of them.

The most likely time of the year to get a flooded basement is at the end of winter which is when most of the snow starts to melt and the water seeps through the crack in the foundation into your basement. Another but less likely scenario is when there is a lot of rain fall, usually late spring or early fall.

One of the best solutions to get rid of getting a wet basement is to have your home waterproofed if the foundation is old and damaged but if this is not the case then one of our plumbers would love to tell you about alternate solutions to not have a wet basement ever again.

The good news is, the waterproofing experts at DrainRooter Plumbing know how to dry up your basement, once and for all. Our expert plumbers know how to fix and prevent any leaks in the basement in no time.  We understand what it is like to have a flooded basement with damaged furniture and valuables and wanting the disaster to be done and over with as soon as possible and having advice from professionals that can prevent it from ever happening again.

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Causes of a Wet Basement

As a concerned homeowner, you may be wondering what caused your basement to leak in the first place. The typical reasons that a basement leaks, are because of foundation wall cracks, clogged or broken downspouts, and poor drainage. Think of it this way: When your home was built, a hole had to be created to accommodate the basement. The ground never completely recovered from this hole, so whenever it becomes saturated, water will always travel towards the hole.

This water then creates pressure around the walls and floor of your basement which eventually causes seepage opportunities at any cracks, joints or openings. This problem is very common among old homes.

Our Permanently Dry Basement Solution

No matter what has caused your basement to leak, DrainRooter Plumbing has the perfect solution! Very simply, the DrainRooter Plumbing system is designed to intercept ground water seeping into your basement and redirect it away from your home, “invisibly” and safely. And, with the help of other DrainRooter Plumbing Basement Systems, your basement will stay clean and dry so you can finally use it for recreational purposes, storage, or additional living space without the fear of water damage.

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Basement Leaks

Do you have a basement that keeps flooding and do not know why?

What causes a wet basementThe problem that you are experiencing is called a damaged foundation wall(s). A foundation wall can become cracked due to unfavorable weather condition or deteriorate over time.

Many homeowners and business owners experience this issue but do not know what to do about it and think that they will not get a wet or flooded basement soon. Unfortunately, this thinking is wrong because if the foundation wall is repaired then the crack will keep getting bigger and eventually it could result in a major flood in your basement with over a foot of water.

This will not only destroy your valuables but it will cost you thousands of dollars in repairs; this is not a situation you want to be faced with. There is no reason for you to be so stressed and spend high amount of money on a full basement renovation as well as foundation wall(s) repairs when all of this can be easily avoided by making a quick call to DrainRooter Plumbing.

Our plumber will take a look at your problem he will investigate and analyze the issue and will recommend the most effective and affordable solution so that you can go to sleep happy and basement problem free, knowing that your basement and valuables are protected and you have saved thousands of dollars with our 100% customer satisfaction service!

Our company has been performing waterproofing for over a decade.

We treat your home as if it was our own, with care and do the best work possible. With years of experience, care for your home, thousands of happy customers, professionalism, friendly and caring attitude, and workmanship we can truly say that we are the GTA’s most favored waterproofing company.

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Moisture and Mold

Repair Company for Crack in Basement Floor or FoundationHaving moisture or mold in your basement can be a very stressful problem to deal with especially if you have valuables and furniture which you keep there for storage or use as a space where you can relax on those hot summer days.

With DrainRooter Plumbing you can say goodbye to basement mold and moisture issues once and for all! Our licensed professional waterproofing experts know how to do it all in no time.

Not only do they perform the highest quality of work but they are also very efficient with time. Our jobs are always done on time with the highest standard of work, efficiency, and for an affordable price.

A basement with built-up moisture or mold is a thing of the past with our basement waterproofing repair team. Our team is equipped with the latest foundation wall repair technology in the world making foundation repairs and moisture regulation quicker and more efficient than ever.

Many homeowner and business owners experience moisture or mold due to a draining problem that the property is having or a damaged foundation wall, either of the problems our plumbers can fix in a short period so that you can continue enjoying your basement space without it being flooded in water or mold.

Professional expertise and high quality of work for an affordable price makes DrainRooter Plumbing the right company to fix your basement moisture and mold problem once and for all!

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