Water Heater Installation & Repair Services in Toronto

Canada being the cold place it is, water heaters are essential to all homes. These nifty devices are often overlooked and taken for granted by the average homeowner and when buying a new house, these are definitely one of the things you need to look at if you don’t want to bathe in freezing water or most importantly the remote possibility of having a bomb (yes, really) under your house.

Water heaters may vary from when they have tanks or not (tankless), the latter having boilers to heat the water going through the entire house, which the Canadian government has phased out recently. There are two types of tank-type water heaters, gas and electric. Both operate in a similar fashion with the exception of gas heaters having a gas burner fed from a gas line, heating the water to a specific temperature that is set.

Don’t wait for yourself to truly appreciate having a properly working water heater, call us and rest easy!

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Water Heater & Boiler Services

Water heaters & boilers come in all tanks and sizes, but when picking one that’s best for your home, always consult the professionals.

Installing a large water tank might seem like a great idea because your home would have more hot water available at a time, but if its not being used then its just costing you money. A water heater & boiler require more energy the higher the capacity of the tank, and if that water doesn’t fully get used then it just cools down and the water heater or boiler has to heat it again. A water heater & boiler that is too small will cause delays to your activities because once the hot water has been used up, the new water needs to be heated – which will require you to wait and that’s just frustrating.

Whether you are looking to install or replace a water heater or boiler, we have tank and tankless options for every home. Give us a call and we will select the perfect water heater or boiler for your home that fits your needs!

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The most common reason for getting a water heater & boiler replaced or repaired by DrainRooter Plumbing are:


Look at the serial number to identify your tank’s age, they may vary from manufacturer and the country of origin so consult the manufacturer on how their dates are read. Heaters that are 10 years and older will need to be replaced. If it is located in an area where it won’t cause damage in the event of a leak, you can wait for the leak to happen before replacing it but it is highly not recommended.

Water Quality

Is there rust or gunk in the water? This is also a good way to test your piping system by the way. Test out if the problem lies with the pipes or the heater by draining about 3 buckets of water out of it, and if the water is still rusty, the problem lies with the tank. Otherwise, the pipes are at fault. Getting the water to the right temperature is also a measure of quality. If the water is too hot or not hot enough the problem could simply be fixed by adjusting your thermostat. If this still doesn’t fix it, the heating element could be broken.


Banging, or clanging sound in there? Sediment builds up eventually in the bottom of heaters especially in hard water areas. This hard sediment will clog the system, cause the heater to be less efficient in heating and will increase the wear and tear on the tank causing leaks. This needs to be drained out at least once a year and if the previous owner has not done this, you definitely need to replace the tank. Corrosion will also be caused by this sediment. There is a zinc metal bar inside the tank called an anode which is eaten away but protects your tank in doing so. This needs to be checked to see how it is, and if half of it is gone you just need to replace the rod. If all this is done and the heater is still noisy this means the heating element would need to be repaired or replaced.

Leaks & Puddles

This is a clear indicator that there is a leak somewhere and the tank has failed and like the Danish kid with his finger in the dam, there’s little preventing the water from bursting out. Make sure you check all the fittings and connections. If they are dry, your tank needs replacing otherwise, a sigh of relief is in order as fittings are cheap to replace.

The Pressure Relief Valves

Water cannot be compressed like gases and other liquids. This expands when heated and the tank can only take so much pressure before it gives way causing a deadly explosion. But thankfully, we have relief valves that prevent this from happening. These work by automatically letting water out of the tank to relieve pressure at a specific PSI (pounds per square inch) of pressure. Check to see if the valve is working by gently opening it and closing it and emptying about 2 cups of water. If it is still dripping water continuously after you open it, you will need to replace the valve. If no water is coming out, immediately turn off the heater, get away from the tank and replace it.

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