5 Outdoor Project Trends to Look Forward to this Spring

When the sugar maple saps start to rise and flow, it only means that it’s time to bid goodbye to the long and gelid days of winter as we say our warmest “Hello” to the glowing sunshine of spring! Soon the ground will be thawed which marks the busiest time of the year of every gardener in the country.  For homeowners, this is the best season for both home maintenance and home improvement projects to ensure that your precious homes will securely accommodate you in the upcoming hot and wet days ahead. As everyone’s finding a good way to spend time and enjoy the outdoors, more and more homeowners are turning their outdoors into something fun yet functional living space.

The popular trend of blending the indoors and the outdoors by building an outdoor home extension continues to inspire homeowners this 2017.  Nothing can really match the enjoyment of outdoor lifestyle and the comfy and inviting feeling of the indoors. The following are excellent cases in point.

Outdoor Kitchen:

Outdoor kitchen sinks are a quaint addition to any outdoor space. Whether you are the barbecuing type, the farmer / gardener, or just want that sink for good old resale value, there’s always a use for a sink.

You can choose to run cold or hot water depending on how you are going to use it, but always remember to have it insulated and winterized most importantly. What does winterizing mean you say? This means having a system capable of shutting it off during the winter so the water doesn’t freeze inside the pipe and potentially rupture them. A valve inside your kitchen should be used to shut the water off to the outside and a pressurized system will make sure all the water is ejected from the pipes. This is similar to automatic sprinkler systems work. Then once Spring arrives, you are free to use it as you see fit.

Now what do we do with the waste water? It depends on the utility of the sink. You can link the drains to your homes waste water system, so you can use the outdoor sink as a garbage disposal for outdoor food preparation. If aesthetic is more your speed, you can drain the waste water to a French drain or a dry well. Be mindful that you don’t want food scraps in this kind of drain. Lastly, for the gardeners and farmers out there, you can go green by draining the gray water to a bucket or an irrigation reservoir – you can use it for your plants.

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