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Toronto Plumbing: Replacing Drains and What You Need to Know

Do you need to replace a drain and are not sure what to do?

Our team of professionals at Drain Rooter Plumbing in Toronto is always glad to share our expertise when it comes replacing drains.

Firstly, you need to know the reasons a drain needs to be replaced:

  • Old pipes that have holes, rust and cracks.
  • Pipes made out of older material may decay over the years (this is common in older neighborhoods in Toronto where pipes were made from materials that include clay)
  • Tree roots growing into a main drain line is a common problem, especially on tree-lined streets
  • During extreme cold weather your pipes are more at risk of freezing and bursting

Second, hire a professional plumbing company in Toronto:

  • Hydro-jetting and drain rootering might be viable options; however pipe replacement may be the only solution. Contact a professional plumbing company in Toronto to ensure that they take care of the work you need completed.
  • Fixing a clogged drain may be an easy task, but when it is serious enough you will have to contact a professional plumbing company that will step in and provide a full drain repair. Always hire experts and do not try and fix a big problem like this on your own.

Drain Rooter Plumbing in Toronto is here to help and you can call on us anytime for your plumbing needs 416-477-4755.