Window Well Installation

Our Task:
Waterproof the Exterior Basement (Foundation) Walls
Service Description:
The homeowners were experiencing severe wet basement leaks every time there was rain fall. They knew that they needed to waterproof their home and decided to do so to avoid having a wet basement ever again. The first step was excavation by hand and machine, this took place to in order to dig a trench that was between 4-6 feet deep. Many cracks in the foundation were found, our waterproofing team cleaned the exterior foundation walls and sealed the cracks. Once the cracks were sealed our waterproofing team installed an Aqua-Guard coating around the home. After this, gravel and an additional plastic drain pipe was installed at the bottom of the trench that directed the flow of water away from the home as requested by the homeowner. The trench was then refilled and the work area cleaned up.

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