Kitchen Plumbing

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Kitchen Sink and Faucet Installations & Repairs
Service Description
The owner can either buy the product themselves or have us provide it. When installing a new faucet or sink we give our clients the choice of picking what products and brand they would like to have installed, we also make recommendations based on what the owner needs and the price that they are willing to spend. We recommend only the most reliable and durable sinks and faucets in the industry that can meet any home or business owner’s budget.

When installing the faucet or sink our plumbers inspect the work space carefully to make sure that the water lines are in a good condition and if the drainage pipe is in the right position to make connecting the products to the right pipes easier. Once this is done the plumber runs tests to make sure there are no leaks, the water drains well, and that the hot and cold water was the right temperature when testing the temperature handle from side to side.

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