Basement Drain Repair

Our Task:
Repair a Basement Drain by Replacing a Section of the Pipe
Service Description:
After careful examination, our plumber noticed that the drain pipe was cracked and the leaking water was seeping through into the basement. This caused a terrible stench and a wet basement every time water was drained down the drainage pipe. The homeowner found where the leak was coming from and called upon us to have this problem resolved. The only way to fix this issue was to replace the old cracked section of the pipe with a new pipe. Our drain team first had to break the concrete and then excavate until the cracked pipe was reached. Once the cracked pipe was reached our team replaced it with a PVC pipe which is more durable than the old clay pipes that were used in buildings before. The last step was to refill the hole and install new concrete in the area which it was broken.

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