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Water Unit Installations and Repairs

Aeemergencyyt DrainRooter Plumbing, we have professional plumbers available 24/7 to perform emergency repairs for your hot water tank and other water units.

Our professional plumbers are experts and will ensure that you receive the best advise on whether a repair or replacement is your best option. The goal is to maintain happy customers who have a local plumbing service they can rely on and trust.

To ensure that your family will be receiving highly purified water to drink without any negative impacts to your family and pets, we install the best available water purifying unit technology in the industry.

Call us today at 416-477-4755 and we will be happy to answer any questions your have.

After calling many plumbing companies, Drain Rooter came through with a very competitive quote. I was very pleased with their prompt, efficient and quality service. The original plumbing in my house needed a total update and Drain Rooter showed up on time, were very neat and completed the job ahead of schedule. I was also glad that even though the job required some extra “tweaking” the quote price remained the same despite needing some extra work. I would most definitely recommend Drain Rooter Plumbing.


Reverse Osmosis Units | Hot Water Tank | Electric Water Valve Installation

Reverse Osmosis Unit Installations

RO Unit Installation Toronto and GTADrainRooter Plumbing offers water filter and reverse OSMOSIS unit installations for homes, businesses, buildings and restaurants all over the Toronto area. Reverse OSMOSIS units and Water Filters are installed to filter the water that is being used and make it cleaner, healthier, and safer for everyone to use.

These water filters clean out charcoal, fluoride, reduces chlorine taste, lead and other heavy metals like mercury and cadmium. All of the chemicals and metals that were outlined are harmful to the human body and if enough is consumed it could considered a carcinogen agents which lead to cancer!

Water Filters and Reverse OSMOSIS units clean out the bacteria that is not cleaned by your hydro company and from the bacteria that is located in all of our water pipes that transport the water to our homes from the hydro company. By installing a water filter or a Reverse OSMOSIS unit you can rest assured that you and those around you are drinking healthier water.

What is the difference between a water filter and a Reverse Osmosis unit?

Water Filters

  • Only removes solids from liquids
  • Takes up less room under the sink

Reverse Osmosis

  • Pharmaceutical grade water
  • Used for drinking and cooking
  • Removes 99% of all contaminants, chemicals, metals and impurities found in water
  • Delivers high quality water that allows you to truly taste the flavor of beverages made with reverse osmosis water

We offer installation services Water Filter and Reverse OSMOSIS units in Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, York, Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville.

Call us today at 416-477-4755 to have those around you safe from the contaminants in your water!


Hot Water Tanks

New Hot Water Tank Installation

Emergency Hot Water Tank Replacement Vaughan Installing a new hot water tank in your home or business is a great idea especially if it is older than 5 years. Most water tanks have a lifespan of 5-10 years. The new hot water tanks are designed to be more efficient which ends up saving you money as well as heats up the water at a faster rate.

Our hot water tank installation service is the best in the GTA! We not only install your new hot water tank but we also recycle your old one for you as well as run an inspection on the new water tank once it has been installed to make sure there were no product defects and so that you do not encounter unexpected emergencies with a malfunction of the newly installed water tank. If there was a defect with the product from the manufacturer, we will gladly exchange it for you!

We understand that switching water tanks is not always in order to have the most efficient one around but because the old one was beyond repair but in the long run the money that was used for the new one will come back to your wallet as the savings on your bills.

When you want to lower your energy bill, one of the best ways to do so is to replace any old hot water tanks. With our maintenance free installation you get years of lower energy bills by 25%.

At DrainRooter Plumbing we install new hot water tanks in the Greater Toronto Area. Water heater repair & new installation are necessary because your hot water tank impacts your electric or gas bill depending on if you use an electric or gas based hot water tank.

Call DrainRooter Plumbing to have a new hot water tank installed and save money on your bills at 416-477-4755!

Leaking Water Tank Repair

A leaking water tank in a home is an important problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. A leaking water tank can cost you hundreds of dollars a month because of all the water that it is wasting. It can also damage your basement and valuable and furniture that are in the basement if the leak is not noticed or overlooked.

We can fix your leaking hot water tank within a short time frame and save you money from Toronto Plumbing Company for Leaky Hot Water Tank Repairbasement damages, destroyed furniture and valuables. Some problems that hint at a hot water tank repair occur when there is no hot water, leaking hot water tank and jiggling parts. When there is no hot water coming out of your shower, washer, taps and faucets then this means that the thermostat in the hot water tank needs adjusting which is not a big problem on its own.

If you are experiencing a leak from your water tank then it can turn into a significant issue when the water reaches the electrical circuit of the water tank, it is best to call a plumbing service right away to have this issue resolved.

If you hear a jingling sound coming from your water tank then a valve could be loose which also requires professional attention because if it is not replaced if broken or tightened too tightly then it could cause leaks. To ensure that your hot water tank is taken care of properly call a professional service right away.

Hot Water Tank Repair

DrainRooter Plumbing offers hot water tank repair in the Greater Toronto Area 24/7 all year round. Our plumbers are trained professionals who have over 10 years of experience with water tanks and water heaters of all brands and models.

Over the years our plumbers have extensive knowledge of an efficient and well working water tank and water heater. If you notice that you are paying more than you used to on your gas or electricity bills then it’s time for a repair or a replacement.

Replacing A Hot Water Tank

Hot Water Tank Replacement Services TorontoA hot water is a tank system that controls the water temperature in your home every time you take a shower, wash your hands, do the dishes, laundry etc. Although they serve a great purpose in all of our homes, they can malfunction or stop working properly and that is when a hot water tank replacement service is needed in order to have hot water in your home.

Hot water tanks have a general life of 5-10 years for standard tanks. If your hot water tank is showing signs of trouble early on after it has been installed, we would be glad to come and take a look at it for you. Whether we only change a part of the tank or replace the entire tank, we will get the job done right the first time in a short while.

The two most common reasons why hot water tanks would need a replacement are because of rust and internal damage.

When rusting occurs in or on your hot water tank then this is mostly likely caused by water seeping onto the tank externally and coming in contact with your water tank which is not as threatening because the inside of the tank would remain in good shape. If the water tank starts to rust from the inside you will notice it and the way to distinguish it from just water seeping onto the tank externally is by the color, the color would be much darker it, it would be dark brown.

When your hot water tank reaches that state then it means that it is now just too old to perform its duty and it is time to replace it.  Once the tank begins rusting from the inside there is nothing that can be done to prevent further rusting and it is only a matter of time before it begins to leak.

The second reason as to why your water tank in your home and business needs a replacement installed is when external damage takes place such as when a tank has a dent or a hole in it.  No glue can withstand the pressure of the water as well as the temperature changes for a long period of time, this is why a hot water tank replacement needs to be installed.

When dealing with DrainRooter Plumbing you are dealing with professionals who love what they do and are more than happy to advise you!

Electric Water Valve Installation

Electric Water Valve Installation Company BurlingtonElectric Water Valves are water valves that are turned on by using an electrical power source. These valves were created to help home owners and business owners by saving them time and regulating the water pressure by itself. When the water pressure exceeds its limit, you would usually have a valve cause a leak and have to shut off the water manually, but an electric water valve will prevent any leaks that will be caused from high water pressure.

Electric valves are the perfect solution if you are searching for a valve that will regulate your water. Electric water valves have a long life span so a repair or replacement is nothing that you should be worrying about for the next 7 years. It also has high reliability and a low control power in order to save money for the homeowner or the business owner.

We recommend installing new water meters in homes, buildings and GTA Water Meter Installation Companybusinesses. Water meters are used to measure the volume of water used. Installing a water meter requires a professional plumber’s attention because when removing the old meter and installing the new one you have to know what you are doing in order to not tear the bolt sockets or else the new meter will not be properly installed and could come off.

Call the GTA’s most trusted professionals at 416-477-4755 or 905-232-3230 and we will have your new water meter installed and working in no time!

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