Pipe Repair Services You Can Depend On!

A damaged pipe that needs pipe repair can occur in both old and new homes. Old sludge or corrosive remains are within the pipe and lead to metal corrosion which creates small holes and leads to water leaks.

A leaGTA Pipe Installation and Repair Plumbing Companyking pipe is never a fun problem for homeowners to deal with. Leaks will happen in the home at the most inconvenient times, but you can stop most of them until you can get a professional plumber to do a pipe repair or replacement.

We all know that plumbing problems can happen at the most unwanted times but we have the perfect service to fix that – pipe repair service. We offer the same day service so that we can fix your problem as soon as possible so that it doesn’t cause any more issues and doesn’t sit on your brain.

At 9:30 pm I experienced a huge water leak. I had no idea where it was coming from. I called DrainRooter Plumbing, they sent Mike and he arrived on scene within 20 minutes of my call. He fixed the leak within 30 minutes and found an existing vulnerability with the plumbing that could cause problems and damage in the future. He came back the next day to resolve the issue saving me both time and money. I’m very thankful Mike not only responded quickly and was very competent at what he does, but that he also went above and beyond what was expected. His service was outstanding and the price was very reasonable.


Leaking Pipe

If you have a leaking pipe and it is flooding your home or business, you need to get that water turned off fast!

Plumbing Company in Toronto to Repair a Leaking PipeIf you know how to turn off your main water supply do it or ask someone else to do it for you right now. If you don’t know how, call us immediately and make it clear what is happening.

We will have a technician on location as fast as possible while trying to help you over the phone. With years of experience in helping to prevent disaster, and an excellent reputation for being there for our customers in emergencies, you can rely on DrainRooter Plumbing to help you with a level of service that is second-to-none. Home plumbing problems require immediate attention!

Avoiding a plumbing problem could prove disastrous in the long run, both in terms of the proper functioning of your plumbing system, as well in terms of the project’s overall cost. Even a seemingly small problem may become bigger if not treated instantly.

With our help to fix leaks you can save a bundle down the road. Plumbing predicaments vary in nature. Broken fixtures, leaky pipes and faucets, damaged fittings and clogged toilets all constitute such predicaments.Fix Leak from Burst Pipes Brampton

It is important to remember that even in case of an apparently extensive plumbing crisis; the malfunctioning features should not necessarily be removed or replaced. Sometimes all it takes is a thorough repair job to fix the problem.

Bear in mind that repairing, rather than installing new plumbing fixtures and accessories, could significantly impact the cost of your plumbing operation. It takes a skilled plumber to know whether a broken or leaky plumbing fixture should be simply repaired or replaced altogether.

You can trust DrainRooter Plumbing to make the right decision and to do a great job on leak repairs. Guaranteed to give you the most professional services for exceedingly reasonable prices, DrainRooter Plumbing gets the job done the first time.

Frozen Pipe

Emergency Repair of Frozen Pipe StreetsvilleDuring the cold winter months we all forget to drain the water from pipes that will no longer have water flowing through them…or not as often as needed in order for the expansion that occurs when water turns into ice to not crack them. This problem usually occurs in the basement, garage, or outdoors.

The pipes in your home’s basement are very likely to freeze because when the weather becomes colder the pipes experience a significant temperature change that also causes them to shrink in size. The shrinking is to a very small degree, but that is still enough to cost you thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs if the problem is not fixed right away.

Garages are usually the least likely to have a frozen pipe but nonetheless it is still possible. This can occur because even when the garage door is fully closed, there might be small cracks that let the heat escape and cause the room temperature to drop and cause pipes to freeze.

The outdoors pipes such as the pipes that are used for water hoses are the most likely to get damaged, cause leaks and become cracked if there is water still trapped inside that was not drained before the temperature dropped below 0°C.

At DrainRooter Plumbing we know what an inconvenience it is to have a frozen pipe. Seasons come and go, but your pipes don’t have to if you call the professional plumbers at DrainRooter Plumbing.

All of our plumbers are equipped with the best technology in order to unfreeze all of your pipes in a short period of time and have your water running again.Crack in Frozen Pipe Emergency Plumbing Services Milton

In some cases of frozen pipes, the pipes are not only frozen but they are also cracked in a certain spot which later on will cause leaks if the crack in the pipe is not repaired. Our plumbers are licensed professionals who perform a “pipe inspection” for any cracks in the pipe from the ice that was created by the trapped water in the pipe in below 0°C temperature.

When the cold winter hits and if any of your pipes still have water in them they will be damaged and you will have to spend lots of money on replacing them with new pipes. All of this can be prevented by calling DrainRooter Plumbing and scheduling a maintenance appointment before and after winter.

Water Pipe Installation

Vaughan Water Pipe InstallersWhen building a new home or replacing your old water pipes with new ones it can be an overwhelming task. It requires a lot of careful attention to details are well as the proper equipment to perform the excavating if it is an external job but now we, DrainRooter Plumbing, offer trenchless no-dig technology.

This is the industry’s latest and most efficient way of replacing and installing new pipe systems without having to excavate your property (front lawn). This high-tech machine and process is becoming very popular and is used at many commercial and industrial sites. Whether it is a large or small water pipe installation project, there is nothing that we can’t handle.

DrainRooter Plumbing is able to connect straight water pipe or make them fit to different sizes and shapes in plumbing water pipe system installations. Fittings are typically manufactured out of brass, aluminum, cast iron and plastic. Plumbing fittings are necessary to install all water pipes and waste drainage lines.

Every plumber at DrainRooter Plumbing is a licensed plumber with years of experience to ensure your plumbing work is done right the first time!

All of our plumbers have over 10 years of experience, are licensed and insured. We specialize in water pipe installations and replacements and our plumbers know the tricks of the trade when it comes to efficiently installing a piping system so that there would be no issues with the piping for years to come as well as saving you money and time.

For the #1 water pipe installation service providers in the GTA call DrainRooter Plumbing at 416-477-4755!

Leak Detection

Leak Detection and Plumbing Inspection

Leak Detection Services in TorontoSometimes drains clog or supply pipes leak, freeze or burst requiring a repair or maintenance service. Your water supply pipes may have problems that limit water pressure, impacting everything from the quality of your shower to the reach of your lawn sprinkler.

If there is a hidden water leak it can impact the integrity of your whole house. This is why leak detection is a skill and an art form which can help you save money in the long run.

Behind your walls and beneath your floors there is an intricate network of water supply lines, drains and vents that make up your residential plumbing system. Nobody understands residential plumbing better than the DrainRooter Plumbing plumbers.

When we make plumbing service calls to your home, we’ll address the plumbing problem you called us about and diagnose any potential plumbing problems that may be lurking out of sight in your home. You’ll get the information and options necessary to prevent future problems and costly repairs.

Our technicians specialize in plumbing, drain, and waterproofing with over 10 years of experience behind them in order to solve and fix all your plumbing, drain, and waterproofing problems.

With over a decade of experience you can count on us to help solve your external water leak issue. Our staff is friendly, polite, punctual and most of all helpful. We are ready to help you will your problem whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial site!

We have the industry’s leading technology on external water pipe leak systems that make pipe leak detection more accurate and quicker than ever before.

Call DrainRooter Plumbing today to schedule an appointment; we are more than happy to help you with your plumbing issues.

All of our plumbers are licensed, insured and bonded. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing Inspection

Maintenance-ChecklistPlumbing Inspections in a home or business are very important in order to see if everything is up to date, working properly, look for leaks and damages, and see where we can save you money on your water or energy bills by installing more efficient technology.

Leaks and damaged pipes will not only be very costly on your next water bill but they can also damage your home, valuables and furniture that you love because you did not notice the leak or did not have a plumbing inspection in your home.

Green Technology is very efficient and it not only saves you money but it also helps save the environment. Every year there are more and more toilets, faucets, tubs, water tanks etc. being made by many plumbing manufacturing companies and brands that strive to bring the best and most efficient plumbing technology for homeowners and businesses to save them money on their bills and save the environment.

DrainRooter Plumbing supports this movement and recommends that all homeowners and businesses switch to Green Technology to help save the environment. Be a part of this smart movement and call DrainRooter Pluming to see what we can update in your home and start saving you money!