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headerDrainRooter Plumbing handles any plumbing project, small to large, in the GTA. Our professional plumbers have over 10 years of experience with many different situations and plumbing problems from performing plumbing repairs to full installations of a plumbing system in a home.

Not only do we offer all types of plumbing services needed for home and business owners, but we also stand behind our work. If you’re having plumbing issues in your home or business, we can handle any plumbing problem, no matter the size or complexity. We do high quality work and do not believe in cutting corners all while being honest and trustworthy with reasonable rates. Our plumbers are always on time, punctual, friendly, and polite.

I had an completely blocked kitchen drain. I tried all the “quick” fixed (drano,plunger) without any success. I called 3 brand name plumbers 2 of which quoted us over $1000 dollars. They said we needed to cut drywall, open up walls etc. Then we called Drain Rooter. Mike showed up within two hours and quoted us $250.00 and guaranteed the work. He cleverly used a laundry drain to gain access and within an hour removed a giant clog. Mike not only was very affordable but saved us thousands in repair costs. The moral of the story is if you call the proper people your work will be done effectively, efficiently and for much less money than the competition. I will only call Drain Rooter for any future plumbing needs. Thanks Mike

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Toilet Installation

Bathroom toilet installations GTAToilet installations are a simple task for professional plumbers but this task can cause many problems for home and business owners that try to do it themselves. Many believe that toilet installations are easy to do and see it more or a do-it-yourself type of job but it really isn’t.

In order to install a toilet properly you have to know the trade secrets when it comes to putting it on right and what to do in situations like when the floor is uneven etc. Even though it seems easy to do when seeing a plumber do it but it really involves more than common knowledge to install one properly with easy flushing, proper drain connection as well as water pipe connection.

Save yourself the hassle of installing a toilet yourself or by a handyman in your home or business because leaks are likely to occur and this will only cause more problems than its worth.

Whether it’s an installation, replacement or a repair we professionally complete the job at DrainRooter Plumbing. Our plumbing technicians are experienced with all types of toilets, p-traps toilets and all kinds of toilet brands like American Standard, Fowler etc. We are able to quickly repair and fix toilet problems, toilet leaks, install new toilets and unclog toilets quickly and efficiently.

Toilet problems are very inconvenient and can result in a toilet being totally out of action. This is never a good situation to be in, especially when there is only one bathroom in the house or apartment.

Most toilet plumbing issues can be fixed quite quickly by a professional plumber who knows what he’s are doing. At DrainRooter Plumbing our plumbers have over 10 years of experience with plumbing, drain and waterproofing problems and have learned from their experience on how to install, fix, and repairs toilets efficiently so that your time is not wasted and neither is your money.

Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilet repair and plumbing EtobicokeIf you have a toilet in your home that always seems to always clog, constantly run, or does not flush well, the plumbers at DrainRooter Plumbing can surely solve your problem.

The most common problem that all home and business owners have is a toilet clog. Toilet clogs can be caused for many different reasons, but they are most often clogged by paper or foreign objects. This common inconvenience can usually get unclogged by a common plunger but when a foreign object gets stuck in the drain then the issue needs to be fixed by a plumber who has the right equipment that will be able to clear the pipe of the drain.

DrainRooter Plumbing has the perfect solution for this problem, our licensed plumbers use a 35m long snake that will unclog any clogged toilet because it has the length to reach far into the drainage system of the toilet and remove the object that has been clogging the toilet.

In the event your clog is caused because of a defective or malfunctioning toilet we will thoroughly diagnose your problem and recommend the best solution.

Running Toilet

Stop a running toiletAnother problem that homeowners face is having a running toilet. If you hear your toilet running and have to jiggle the handle to get it to stop, or it won’t stop then call DrainRooter Plumbing to solve your problem.

A faulty valve, flapper, or handle can lead to wasting gallons of water. A running toilet can also cause flooding and damage your home and personal belongings. The money to pay for a single service call will save your money on your future water bills and save you headaches down the road.

Having a clogged toilet, old toilet or even a running toilet are very inconvenient problems to have in your residential home or commercial business. Our plumbers at DrainRooter Plumbing realize that these issues are very common amongst homes and businesses which is why they have the highest work quality standards, so that you can have an ease of mind and not worry about these issues for a long time.

Clogged Lavatory Sink

If you are experiencing a clogged lavatory sink, then you need to call the plumbers who can get to you fast!

Fix a clogged bathroom sinkA lavatory sink is the sink that most likely gets clogged the most in your home and the reason why is because we tend to use them on a daily basis. Having tooth paste, soap and other substances really impacts whether your sink will clog or not.

One of the main reasons why the lavatory sink becomes clogged is because of hair. When hair is put into the sink it does not always drain and becomes stuck in a certain spot of the pipe where it keeps accumulating more hair and foreign objects until it clogs the pipe and the lavatory sink.

No matter the cause of the clogged lavatory sink Drain Rooter Plumbing plumbers can have it fixed in no time and have it working properly again. You would want these plumbers to solve the problem quickly and efficiently in order to save you time and money. This is the type of plumbing service that we offer.

At Drain Rooter Plumbing our plumbing professionals are experienced in dealing with all kinds of plumbing clogs and drain issues. Our plumbers are trained with using High Pressure Water Jetting to clear and unclog drains.

With an old lavatory sink many things can go wrong. The parts could be getting old and rusting, the drainage pipe could be leaking, and then there are always the annual lavatory sink clogs.  Lavatory sink clogs are not a major issue at first but if it is not fixed right away then it could develop into a major leak and damage your home or business and the repairs will cost much more to fix.

Our plumbers can arrive at your home or business within 1 hour of your call and will be able to fix your clog on the spot and have it working again right away.

The best way to avoid all these problems and to have your sink working like brand new is to have a plumber come in and do a maintenance check once a year or every 6 months. We offer maintenance service for all residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Many plumbing problems and high costs can be avoided if regular maintenance is performed in the home or business.

Kitchen Faucet Installation

Why Install a New Kitchen Faucet?

New kitchen faucet installation Plumbers MississaugaFaucet leaks can be caused by parts that have corroded or they have cracked. In most situations one of the parts is corroded and it doesn’t perform the task that it was meant to. This always leads to leaks which will cost the homeowners a fortune unless they fix it.

Believe it or not, a single faucet can leak about to 1 gallon a day. If you add this up over the course of a week to a month, then you will notice how much of an impact it has on your wallet. A single service call can save you money on your water bills because we get the job done right the first time.

At DrainRooter Plumbing, we specialize in repairing and installing faucets in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke and the rest of the GTA. Whether a leaking faucet from a worn out valve stem, faucet seats, washer or O-ring we can find a solution.

Homeowners repair and replace faucets for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes faucets begin to drip after many years. Some corrode and rust. Some also crack or break. Other times homeowners become tired of their current faucets and want to update the look of their kitchens and bathrooms. No job is too big or too small for us! Give us a call at 416-477-4755 and we can have one of our plumbers sent out to your home within an hour!

We guarantee the lowest prices, provide the highest quality of work and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

How to turn off the water supply if your faucet breaks

Sometimes it happens, faucets break and water begins spewing all over the wall and floor. But don’t panic! Look beneath the sink for the water shut-off valves. There is a cold water shut-off valve and a hot water shut-off valve. They’re usually chrome with a small oval valve handle. Turn the handles clockwise until the water stops pouring out of the faucet. Now give us a call and we will repair your faucet, the same day!

Kitchen Faucet Repair

Plumbers to repair kitchen faucets Markham areaLet’s face it, kitchen faucets always seem to have issues. We know that this is a big issue it many homes and businesses and there are 2 main reasons for these problems:

1) the faucet was installed incorrectly and

2) the parts are not working properly.

For reason 1), whoever initially installed the faucet could have connected the hot and cold water pipes poorly or incorrectly which would result in experiencing wrong water temperatures as well as leaks under the sink. As for reason 2), the parts within the faucet could be loose or the faucet could be rusting which could cause foul smelling water, leaks, loose handle(s) and ear piercing sound when turning the faucet.

All of these issues are very common indicators of when you need a kitchen faucet repair. Of course, many business and home owners usually overlook these issue indicators and do not make the call to a plumbing company but a faucet that needs repairs could flood your floor and even cause electrical damage if it comes in contact with an outlet or a power bar.

Please let us help you to avoid pointless costly damage; we guarantee the same day service!

We provide kitchen faucet repair in the greater Toronto area. A faucet that keeps leaking or does not work properly requires the immediate attention of a plumber.  You may not realized it, but in a day over 45 gallons of water can really make an impact on your water bill.

The sooner you call a plumber to come in a fix your kitchen faucet the more beneficial it is for you because not only will your faucet work properly again but you will save money by your faucet not leaking gallons of water each day.

Clogged Kitchen Sink

Having a kitchen sink draining properly in a home is very important because it will determine the amount of leaks that will occur in under the sink or somewhere else in the house which could result in water damages in your home.

Many times homeowners think that a sink is clogged because something like foreign objects were drained and that is the exact reason why, but that is not always the case. Sometimes the sink can be clogged because of grease, objects, substances, or it can even be caused by a deeper problem which is a clogged drain.

All these extra unneeded problems can be avoided by calling DrainRooter Plumbing and arranging an appointment to have a plumber come in and fix the clogged kitchen sink as soon as you find out that it is clogged or leaking. Give us a call and we will resolve your plumbing issue in no time for a low price and we guarantee same day service!

Our plumbers are professions that can have your kitchen sink running like new in no time. They can also replace your old kitchen sink with a new one if it is necessary. Installing new kitchen sinks or replacing old ones is no problem for our plumbers. They are professionals with over 10 years of experience and know the job inside and out.

Bathtub Installation

Bathtub installation and plumbing BramptonInstalling a bathtub is a complex task that requires professional attention. Not only is it difficult to choose the right one for your home and apartment but all of them have different size valves and drain pipe size. This is why it is important to have a plumber come in and install it because if the welding and pipe connections are not done right then the results will be devastating and costly.

Bathtubs have to be installed to code or else leaks are very likely to happen as well as disconnection between the piping might occur. Either way you do not want to experience any of those issues. They will cost you a lot of money in damage repairs.

Although you may think this will not happen to you, take our word for it when we say that is what most homeowners think.  We have experienced a large number of homeowners who have end up calling for our plumbing services because they installed their bathroom plumbing incorrectly causing significant damages.  After seeing all of the damages that were caused as a result of installing themselves, they realized that it was not worth it to do it themselves in the end.

Free your mind from all the stress that comes with a poor bathtub installation and give us a call at 416-477-4755. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you!

We install all types of bathtubs from cast iron to plastic and we install any type of brand, even custom orders, senior bathtubs and Jacuzzi.

Our plumbing experts have been installing bathtubs in the greater Toronto area for over 10 years and know the most efficient way to install them so that they don’t waste your time and money.

Not only do you receive the best service, best price, highest quality of work but you also receive a nice and friendly attitude from our plumbers and staff 24/7 because they love what they do and love helping others to solve or fix others plumbing, drain and waterproofing needs and problems. We know how to install them all! Give us a call and get a free estimate on bathtub installations. 416-477-4755

Shower Faucet Installation

Shower Faucet Installation EtobicokeA correctly working shower faucet in each home is essential, but sometimes they break, need repair, or you would like to upgrade your old one to a new one. No matter what your plumbing need is we have the tools, experience and our customer feedback that we are the right plumbing company for the job!

Shower installations are a very common service that we, DrainRooter Plumbing, provide. Many homeowners understand that calling the professionals when it comes to showers is right choice because dealing with showers can be complex.

One of the main reasons why homeowners install a new shower faucet is because they think that the current one is broken and is not working properly but this is a common mistaken assumption.

When a bathroom shower faucet starts to leak or the water temperature is wrong, most assume they have to get a new one installed…but this is not always the case because a simple cartridge repair or pipe re-welding can have you bathroom shower faucet working like brand new.

In order to be sure if you need to install a new shower faucet or a repair, call us and our plumbers would be happy to help you!

Whether you need a repair or would like to install a new bathroom shower head we’re the professionals to call. Our DrainRooter Plumbing technicians have been installing and repairing shower heads for over a decade in the Toronto area.

Our plumbers have the experience to install a shower faucet efficiently and quickly so they don’t waste your time PLUS they do the highest quality of work in less time.

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