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Scarborough Plumbing, Drain, and Waterproofing Services

Scarborough is within the DrainRooter Plumbing company service area.  Our expert licensed plumbers are located throughout the city and are dispatched from the closest location to your home, which is a part of our Green Initiative program.

Our Scarborough plumbing services cover any residential, commercial, or industrial issue.  We have the equipment and expertise to handle big and small plumbing, drain unclogging, drain repair, sewer backup issues and more.

Our friendly qualified plumber will arrive at your home to diagnose the plumbing emergency. You will receive a quote for the cost to fix the plumbing problem. Once you receive the quote there will be no additional costs or surprises, we stand 100% behind our work and provide a lifetime guarantee on services completed.

When our plumber arrives at your home, he has a fully loaded truck and is prepared to get working on your problem right away. No waiting to get things fixed!

Your satisfaction is the most important factor for us. Based on our customer reviews, new and old, we have consistently exceeded expectations and remain an affordable and reliable choice for people in the Scarborough area.

We not only cover Scarborough, we also service the surrounding areas including:

Our primary Scarborough services include but are not limited to:

General Services

24/7 Emergency Services

Maintenance Services

Sump Pumps

Backwater Valves

Salon and Spa


Kitchen and Bathroom


Water Services

New Plumbing Rough In


Drain and Sewer

Grease Interceptors


Basement and Foundation

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