Sump Pumps

Toronto Sump Pump Installation & Repairs

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a device that is installed in order to prevent wet basements and basement floods. A sump pump automatically turns on when it feels that the floor became damp and begins in sucking up the water so that no damage occurs in your basement.

How a Sump Pump WorksOnce the device is working it removes the water from the basement and drains it through the drain that leads to the sewer drain which is far away from your home or business. It is used to lift storm or drain tile water from a low point in the home to a discharge point that extends away from the building.

The sump pump is electric, therefore susceptible to interruptions or failure. Since power failures often occur during heavy storms, this could be a problem. We recommend that our customers consider a water driven or batter back up system to ensure that your home, valuables and flooring stays dry.

During heavy rainfall or a storm your home goes through very difficult environmental conditions that threaten the foundation of your home. The foundation of your home is right underneath the basement where weeping tiles can be found.

When heavy rainfall occurs there is a very high chance that the foundation of your home cannot drain all the water fast enough through the weeping tiles since they are very likely to have tree roots growing there and even is clogged by other foreign materials.

Sump Pump ProcessOnce your weeping tiles cannot drain all the water fast enough the water level begins to rise beneath the foundation. When this occurs the water will very often find a crack in the foundation walls and the water will leak into your basement.

The basement walls will be the first indication that your home or business has water leaking into the basement because the bottom of the walls will be damp. After this the floor and furniture will become damaged; how severely depends on how soon the leak is noticed and when you call a professional plumbing service that will stop the leak.

As you can see heavy rainfall or a storm can cause numerous problems in your home or business. Leaking water in the basement, waterproofing, weeping tiles cleaning, and damaged furniture can all be avoided by having a sump pump installed today!

Main shut off was leaking and copper pipe leading from foundation corroded. Original piping from 1942. Mike was quick to address the problem and recommended replacement and rerouting the lines.This saved me money and disruption as the garage floor was sinking due to long time leakage from a poor job done back in the day. Mike arranged everything that needed to be mapped out including gas lines etc. Mike acted quickly and was completed in one day using a torpedo method providing a direct line into the house avoiding the garage completely. Amazing! Clean up included. Very good pricing and excellent job.Well done.I have already recommended this company to many people.Courteous and knowledgeable This company saved me an imminent disaster and money. Thank you and great job!

D. LukasPort Credit