Maintenance Services

Maintenance and Inspection Services

Plumbing Maintenance and Inspection Services TorontoWe believe that prevention is better than unexpected emergencies, and offer a comprehensive scheduled maintenance service for homes, commercial buildings, condominiums, and industrial customers.

One of our professional plumbers will perform a thorough inspection and report the state of your property. We will also tailor a custom maintenance plan to your individual requirements!

We offer priority service to DrainRooter Plumbing members that sign up! Many realtors and new homeowners find this service useful for discovering issues that are missed by your average home inspection at the time of purchase. This allows new property owners to protect themselves against future plumbing and drain issues.

Call 416-477-4755 to schedule a maintenance inspection service today!

Our Maintenance and Inspection Service Includes:

  • Thorough safety inspection, with a copy of all recommendations noted
  • Flushing of water heater or tankless & provide full report on condition
  • Check for leaks at all connections to plumbing fixtures and devices
  • Check for proper operation of all plumbing fixtures and devices
  • Check water pipe and connection to hoses outside
  • Check main shutoff valve operation
  • Tighten loose faucets & handles
  • Test backwater valve devices (annually, as required)
  • Change water filters (as required)
  • Check all drain operation
  • Check for slow flowing drains and investigate solutions

Our service department has the expertise and the equipment to maintain plumbing and drains, large or small. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, quality and long-time reputation.


Years of solving local plumbing problems has earned us a reputation for finding practical and proper solutions. DrainRooter Plumbing always strives to help you make repairs and renovations fast, simple and clean.


If you are in business and know that the demands of your customer’s and staff’s needs are affected by plumbing problems. Ask us and we can set up maintenance schedules to prevent any disruption to your business.

We are fully insured and stand by the quality of our work.


We know and understand the requirements of working in Industrial space and the needs of industrial plumbing. We offer industrial plumbing maintenance to companies because our technicians have years of experience with flush valves, drains, air vents etc.

Our licensed professional plumbing technicians have years of working with industrial companies and solving their plumbing problems.

DrainRooter Plumbing is also fully insured and bonded!