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Drain BackupSave yourself from the terrible smell and paying costly repairs, damages or renovations. On Monday July 8th, 2013 a severe thunderstorm significantly affected the residence and businesses of Toronto and other parts of the GTA with major flooding.

Many homes and businesses were damaged as well as countless numbers of furniture, carpets, and personal belongings. One of the main reasons for all of these damages is main drain backup that was caused because of high amounts of rain in the sewer drains which cause backup from the City of Toronto.

This storm has created a lot of expenses for Toronto’s homeowners, businesses and tenants. The cost of the drain backup for many homeowners is in the thousands of dollars, but what homeowners are now starting to realize is that all these issues could have been prevented by having a backwater valve installed in their drain, which would have prevented all the backup from the City of Toronto from entering their homes through the drain system and flooding their basements and main floor.

The City of Toronto is now offering a $1200 rebate on all backwater valve installations to its Toronto residents and businesses. Do not miss the opportunity to prevent any future drain backups as well as save money on a backwater valve installation!

Installation of Backwater Valve in DrainA backwater valve (sometimes referred to as a reflux valve or surcharge protection device) is a device that is installed in drain systems which permits the drain to flow in only one direction.

Homes that do not have a backwater valve installed have a drain system that allows the drainage to flow in two directions in this case it is from the home or business and back. Most backups occur because there is a high pressure in the sewer and if the pressure keeps building up the drain waste has to escape and it usually escapes through the toilet in home or business if the home does not have a backwater valve installed.

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Loved the service that DrainRooter provided for my family. We needed a plumber to come and install a backwater valve for us because our drain has backed up three times now and I did not want do through that again. I gave them a call and scheduled an appointment. Victor came in told me what had to be done, what costs were involved and have me an upfront cost. He finished the job the same day. Marvellous work, helpful, friendly and honest pricing. I finally found a family plumber. Thanks again Victor!