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Basement Waterproofing in Etobicoke

Whenever there is a rise in the underground water level, usually from heavy rainfall or flooding, your basement is the part of your home that gets hit the hardest. But even in dry weather, basements often lack the proper ventilation required to keep humidified conditions at bay, leading to major health hazards and costly structural damage.

Effective and professional basement waterproofing can help prevent the appearance of moisture in the underground parts of your home. Using sealants, drains, sump pumps, and other waterproofing techniques, DrainRooter Plumbing is a leader in helping the residents and property owners of Etobicoke and the Greater Toronto Area reduce the presence of moisture in their homes.

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A Wet Basement is a Dangerous Thing

Any underground floor in a building like a basement is built on soil that is constantly shifting and collecting water. That water will try and come into your home by any means necessary, through a crack in the floor slabs, or by seeping right through unprotected walls. 

Houses in Etobicoke are particularly susceptible to flooding due to high levels of groundwater in the area. Waterproofing your basement professionally is essential in helping to prevent the disastrous effects of water finding its way into your home.

Large amounts of water can do extensive damage to your family’s health, your stored belongings, and to the structural integrity of the building. But even in small amounts, moisture can have devastating effects on your health and your wallet. Waterproofing is the only effective way to deal with a wet basement and lowering the risks posed by moisture.


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Signs of a Wet Basement

The following signs indicate that you might be facing a major water-related issue in your basement:

  • Cracks appearing in a foundation wall
  • Basement walls beginning to buckle
  • Paint peeling or bulging on basement walls
  • The formation of white residue on basement floors
  • The appearance of mould or fungi

Any of these signs could mean major structural problems for your home. Waterproofing experts will be required in order to prevent further damage to the basement.


The Most-Trusted Waterproofing Experts in Etobicoke

DrainRooter Plumbing is the Greater Toronto Area’s foremost expert in quality basement waterproofing services. We are a licensed and insured waterproofing company, and we can reduce the risk posed by moisture by applying waterproof coatings on walls and floors, as well as installing interior and exterior water drainage systems. We can even do your foundation repair!

Oh, and all of our work comes with a one-year warranty on labour, and a lifetime warranty on drain and waterproofing services. Your basement couldn’t be in better hands.



Why Would I Need Waterproofing for My Basement?

Etobicoke’s wet weather, just like Ontario’s winters, can wreak havoc on its buildings. These are some of the leading causes of moisture-related damage in the area which can be dealt with through our waterproofing services:

  • High Water Tables – The level of water present in the ground can lead to flooding problems if there aren’t enough dry weather periods for it to drain naturally.
  • Malfunctioning Drainage Pipes – Drainage pipes often leak or crack, and locating the source of those leaks can be a difficult process when those pipes are underground.
  • Wall Cracks – Any opening to the outside left unsealed is an invitation for moisture to find its way inside your home, and it always takes the offer.
  • Bad Concrete – If the concrete in your foundation walls was poorly made, air pockets might have formed. Moisture loves to find its way into these holes, and can wreak havoc over your entire foundation.
  • Blocked or Poorly Built Gutters – Overflowing gutters can redirect rainwater into problematic areas and lead to flooding.

If your basement is at risk from any of these elements, your home and your wallet would benefit from a proactive approach. But you’re not alone: DrainRooter’s expertise can help you navigate the complexities of basement waterproofing.


Waterproofing Solutions Provided by DrainRooter Plumbing

We are Etobicoke’s most trusted name in waterproofing for a reason. Here are just some of the ways we can help prevent future damage to your home.

  • Interior and Exterior Waterproofing – The best way to deal with minor leaks is by applying a waterproofing coating that helps prevent condensation from building up on walls inside and outside your home.
  • Interior Sealants – Using epoxies thermoset urethanes , our waterproofing professionals are able to target and repair air pockets or other empty spaces inside concrete foundations.
  • Weeping Tile Repair – Weeping tiles are porous pipes that help expel groundwater through storm drains, rather than into your home. Today these tiles are made from PVC, but until recently they were made from clay and were more prone to breakage and clogging. Tree and plant roots can also disrupt their ability to properly drain water, so maintenance and repair of these tiles is key.
  • Foundation Repair – Any damage to your foundation wall will lead to moisture finding its way into your home.. But cracks in a home’s foundation can also seriously compromise the structural integrity of a building, and should be dealt with immediately. One of the most effective ways of waterproofing a basement is ensuring the proper upkeep of the foundation walls.


Be Safe, Not Sorry

Damage caused by moisture can be a real drain on a homeowner’s finances. That’s why DrainRooter Plumbing is committed to making waterproofing your home as easy as possible.

We always offer a free quote on our services, big or small, and exact-to-the-penny pricing with no overtime or extra hidden charges. Waterproofing your Etobicoke home now can save you from many unplanned expenses in the future. It’s a smart investment.

If you’ve got a leaky basement, DrainRooter can make it right and save you money by waterproofing your home. We’ve got the widest range of expertise on the subject, and can help answer related questions you may have regarding weeping tile or sump pump installation. We never leave a customer unhappy, and pride ourselves on providing the best waterproofing solutions in Etobicoke, and all of Toronto.

Phone or email us for a quote today, and see for yourself why we are the most -trusted waterproofing company in Etobicoke, North York, and the entire Greater Toronto Area.

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