What are the DIY Quick Fixes for Drain Issues?

If the issue really isn’t a big deal you can make your own drain snake by tying a few wires together into one, and bending the edges out in different directions, like a “grappling hook” to catch the clog down the drain as you find it and twist it around.

For Sink Drains – Using your drain snake push the end of the snake into the drain opening and turn it as you go further down. Keep pushing more of the snake into the drain until you feel resistance. You may need to force it down a bit when cranking the handle to get it to bend around the tight corner in the trap under the sink. After turning the curve, the snake usually slides through easily until you hit the clog.

Then as you hit the clog twist the snake so the hooks / auger gets tangled with the object then pull it out. Run water at full force for a few minutes to test it. Sometimes the clog gets pushed into the main but often it gets pulled out with the auger. To prevent clogs you should always use a sink strainer to prevent garbage from entering your pipes. If you use a garbage disposer, run cold water at full volume while the machine is chopping up the garbage; leave the water running for a minute afterwards. This flushes the garbage completely out of the drainpipe and into your main drain, where it’s less likely to cause a clog.

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