Our Green Initiative

How You Can Save Water and be Eco-Friendly with a Green Plumbing Company

eco friendly plumbing company helps save money for waterIt is no mystery that Earth is in trouble! In the last two decades carbon emissions have risen faster than they ever have in the last thousand years. They have more than doubled since the industrial revolution.

The effects of such high carbon emissions are global warming, the destruction of habitats, extinction of species and acid rain. Also, constant occurrences of oil spills, deforestation and nuclear waste found in lakes does not help the cause.

Our Mission is to Conserve Water One Home at a Time

Since 2009, more and more countries, manufacturers and corporations have taken global warming very serious and do whatever they can to reduce their environmental footprint.  

At DrainRooter Plumbing we understand that every measure we take to reduce our environmental footprint is helping the environment and we encourages homeowners and other companies to do the same. We believe in leading by example and setting a benchmark for other companies to achieve!

Our Green Initiative focuses on our company’s responsibility to educate a great number of people Use Plumbing companies in Mississauga who promote eco friendly homesabout eco-friendly devices that conserve water and do not contaminate fresh water sources.

Through this initiative DrainRooter Plumbing is able to offer a large selection of the industry’s top eco-friendly products that are recommended by our Licensed Master Plumbers. 

There are so many opportunities to implement water saving devices within your home or business from large units such as water heater to items as small as faucets.

Water Conservation Results In Savings Right from the Start!

If you are looking to save water at home, we have compared the standard replacement plumbing fixtures and parts with the industry’s latest green technology and we have discovered that the green technology parts cost the same or less than the standard technology.

This means our customers will not pay more to go green! The eco-friendly units will have an immediate impact on the water usage; you will not only conserve water but you will also save money on your utility bills.

The eco-friendly technology will use less water without losing quality, durability or customer comfort. That’s not all! Home and business owners are rewarded by the government with rebates for their decision to install environmentally friendly devices and products.

Essentially, your investment in a greener future will pay off itself by saving you money on your bills and increasing your property’s resell value!

Beyond Saving Water

We Recycle!  All of our home and business owners can participate in our recycling program where we recycle your old unit for FREE when you have it replaced by us.

Reduced Environmental Footprint!  DrainRooter Plumbing has Master Plumbers who are located in multiple locations within the Greater Toronto Area.  With this business model, we are able to dispatch a plumber that is located nearest you in order to assist you.

The environmental impact:  we reduce our environmental footprint through reduced time driving vs dispatching from a central location.  Our plumbers do not need to travel from the west side of the GTA across to the east side of the GTA because we are already near you wherever you live in the Greater Toronto Area.

DrainRooter Plumbers are the best choice for going green and conserving water

Our Green Commitment

Through green initiatives, educating property owners, providing green products and services to all our residential and commercial customers. We are making “greener” choices and we encourage our customers to do the same.

Interested in learning more about our recommended green products, service and plumbing solutions? Give us a call any time at 416-477-4755.

We welcome your suggestions on how DrainRooter Plumbing can become a greener plumbing company.